Research at Tampere University

At Tampere University, research on technology, health and society come together.

At Tampere University, multidisciplinary research is conducted across the boundaries of fields of science. More specifically, our strength lies in research in the fields of health, technology and society. The topics our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) study range from body-on-chip research to game cultures.

The missions of our research include fostering a just and participatory society, promoting the health and welfare of people at all ages, developing safe living and working environments that are resource efficient, and ensuring socially responsible digitalisation and transformation of work.

Faculties and units

Meet our researchers

We have over 2,800 researchers at our university. Our numerous research groups conduct multidisciplinary research that crosses organisational boundaries.

At our university, we conduct both fundamental and applied research. We develop solutions to tackle climate change, preserve the natural environment and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies.

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We need clean energy in the fight against global warming. At the same time we need batteries and more minerals to power them than the earth can provide. In the CeLLife research project, our researchers have developed diagnostic measures to detect the condition of batteries to separate the faulty parts and to make safe recycled batteries.

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Research news

The Doctoral School

Tampere University’s Doctoral School is a university-wide expert of research education. The courses organised by the school offer doctoral researchers opportunities to develop essential skills in research methods, research ethics, and conducting research.

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Tampere Institute for Advanced Study

Tampere Institute for Advanced Study is an international research community offering the most competitive researchers the opportunity to focus on their own research and career advancement.

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Responsible research

Responsible research is reliable and its results may be used in many different ways.

We conduct ethically sustainable research by adhering to sound scientific practices.  We communicate about scientific breakthroughs and research results in a responsible manner.

How we ensure the realisation of responsible science

Open science

Openness promotes research and the development of the scientific community.

The publications, theses, dissertations, and research data produced at Tampere University and the research methods used are inherently shared and open.

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Research services

Tampere University’s Research Services help researchers and research groups to find, apply for and manage research funding.

The Preaward team provides information about funding opportunities and offers support with planning and preparing grant proposals. Contact the Preaward team at preaward [at]

The Postaward team offers guidance and advice on project management and provides project management services for large-scale research projects coordinated by Tampere University. Contact the Postaward team at postaward [at]