Pori unit, Tampere University

Tampere University’s Pori Unit is located in the University Consortium of Pori, which is coordinated by Tampere University.

Our unit is an education and research unit and part of Tampere University. Four faculties of Tampere University, namely the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, the Faculty of Management and Business, and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, are represented in the Pori Unit. 

We provide a dynamic and functional study and research environment for about 500 students and 75 staff members and offer our students flexible opportunities for learning. Our courses are open both to students at the Open University and to students enrolled in other degree programmes at Tampere University and the University Consortium of Pori.

Our unit provides a multidisciplinary, comprehensive and modern forum for research, debate and development. We produce high-quality knowledge in various fields of social sciences. Our activities are regionally significant and nationally and internationally relevant. We also offer continuous education for the companies and organizations in the area.

The programmes we offer include the Degree Programme in Social Sciences, the Degree Programme in Social Work, the Master’s Degree Programme in Management and Information Technology and the Master’s Degree Programme in Work, Welfare and Well-being. In addition, we have students in the Master’s Degree Programme in Organizing Human Services and the Master’s Degree Programme in Automation Engineering. We offer flexible educational opportunities for students who have completed appropriate prior studies in a higher education institution.

The University Consortium of Pori overlooks the Kokemäenjoki River and is located near the Puuvilla town block and the city centre. Our facilities include a wide range of services and leisure activities.