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Tutkimusryhmän jäseniä ulkona yliopistokeskuksen edessä

HYPO Hyvinvoinnintutkimus Porissa (Research on Wellbeing in Pori) -research group

HYPO Research Group is a multidisciplinary group of researchers in the field of social sciences at the University Concortium of Pori. We are a comprehensive, co-operative and modern collective for research, debate, development and education, working in close co-operation with our local, national and international partners. Our  focus is on  social welfare and the wellbeing of individuals, communities and societies, covering the life span from childhood and youth to middle and old age. We analyse the relationship between social change and wellbeing from the perspectives of social policy, sociology and social work, emphasising the diversity of research methods in the following overlapping areas of well-being research:

1. Structures of well-being

2. Lived experiences of well-being

3. Well-being as a concept

Other members

Doctoral Student Eveliina Kaukkila

Doctoral Student Vilma Wiro