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Coming of age in the times of Covid 19?

Tampere University
Duration of project1.5.2020–31.12.2022

In public health and media coverage, older adults and at-risk groups feature prominently, but paradoxically issues facing young adults are receiving less attention even though the COVID-19 coincides with major transition states, future-oriented identity construction and increasing independence. Our hypothesis is that COVID-19 pandemic is a generational experience that has both immediate and long-term impacts in lives of contemporary 18-25 -year-olds. We focus on those young adults who are about to graduate from upper secondary school, university and university of applied sciences and are planning for their transition either to further studies or to work life.  The aim is to provide authentic information about young adults’ experiences, their coping strategies and plans and expectation for the future in times of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.