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From waste to raw material - Circular economy model for Satakunta

The circular economy is an enabler of sustainable development that aims to reduce the use of natural resources and waste. The transition to a circular economy is crucial in order to maintain a sustainable and inclusive society and it is one of the most important goals of the EU. The aim is to promote the use of resources by combining technologies, innovations and organizations into innovation ecosystems.

This project seeks a solution to how Satakunta should develop circular economy operating models and skills in order to be able to support the green transition of the construction and demolition industry. The main theme of the project is moving to a circular economy and finding new solutions to make it more efficient. The starting point of the project is business life orientation, which means that the themes of the project have come up in discussions with companies in different fields.

In addition, the project seeks a solution to develop and increase the circular economy know-how of companies from Satakunta and opportunities to switch to a circular economy. In the project, networks and cooperation groups are formed, whose participants can find common interests in utilizing industrial material flows for new purposes. The solution would offer benefits to companies in different fields as they are able to create new operating models.


European Regional Development Fund

Funding source