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Drainage and restoration of drained marshes and wetlands using new methods


The change in operating environments and the world situation has had a very strong impact on Satakunta's energy sector, especially the peat sector has experienced many changes. In order to strengthen the resilience of the area, it is necessary to look for new solutions, e.g. for the employment of operators in the peat sector and for the restoration of forest and swamp areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has highlighted the national need to restore forest and marshland and to find new technological solutions to implement it. This project supports the Ministry of the Environment's Helmi habitat program, where e.g. the protection, restoration and restoration of wetlands is promoted.

As a result of the project, a written pre-examination report will be prepared, the titles of which are:

1. Situation overview of companies in the turf industry and their employment situation
2. The potential and costs of mire restoration and the definition of the necessary data
3. Piloting of new technology related to enabling restoration, e.g. hydraulic pile technology and groundwater monitoring and regulation
4. Further proposals

Funding source

Alueelliset innovaatiot ja kokeilut AIKO