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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Late arrival for exchange students

We strongly encourage you to arrive in time for the semester start and get involved with all compulsory Welcome Week activities to help you settle into university life, make friends and prepare for your studies!

Arriving after the Welcome Week might mean that you might not be able to register for courses on time, attend the first lectures for on-campus courses and/or meet the required deadlines. Please note that you can register for courses only after you have completed your registration with the University and that will take place already before the Welcome Week and the start of the semester.

Missing the identification and registration process will result in not being able to start your exchange studies at Tampere University at all

Also you will need to be independent in taking care of the practical arrangements. However, your international student tutor might help you with some practical issues as well.

The checklist for late arrivals

  • Inform your hosting mobility specialist and your personal student tutor about your schedule
  • Organise your student housing already before arrival (late applicants might not be eligible to apply for a furnished room at all, unfurnished rooms might be offered and also you might be offered a fixed-term rental agreement only, which are usually from August to December or from January to May)
  • Read our guide: Information for incoming exchange students
  • Complete your registration with the University before the deadline according to the instructions you have received
  • Pay the Student Union's (TREY) membership fee to get a Finnish student card (recommended)
  • Activate your TUNI account according to the instructions and deadlines you have received
  • Order your student card online (only those who have paid the TREY membership fee)
  • Register for the courses online with an activated TUNI account, note our teaching periods
  • Complete your DVV registration as soon as possible, it is mandatory to all exchange students
  • Get to know the Welcome Week slides and other relevant information

Please make sure that the International Mobility Services are aware of your late arrival. After arriving in Tampere, you might be required to visit the Student Affairs Office.

Welcome Week slides, videos etc.

We will publish slides, videos and other relevant information on the Welcome Week's Moodle page. However, you will not be able to access Moodle before you complete your registration with the University and you activate your TUNI account.

Registration for courses

In most cases, there is no guarantee that a late course registration will be approved. If the deadline for the online course registration has passed, it is recommended before the course starts to contact a responsible teacher by email or by visiting him/her, or, if you have not received any further instructions and the course is about to start very soon, by attending the first possible lecture. However, there is no guarantee that your request will be approved by the responsible teacher.

One option is to complete some independent (self-study) studies or online studies or look for courses in the following teaching period. Read more: Registration for courses and study practices for exchange students.

Published: 29.1.2020
Updated: 31.3.2023