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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Registration for courses and study practices for exchange students

The Finnish academic education system allows students to plan and schedule their studies with a great deal of freedom. However, this freedom requires students to be independent and responsible when choosing subjects and course units. It can be challenging and time-consuming to avoid overlapping courses and balance the schedule with both independent and in-person courses throughout the academic year. To study and learn effectively at Tampere University, it is essential to have good study skills.

Exchange students must create a preliminary study plan plan when applying to the university, following both our own and their home universities' guidelines. However, final registration for courses only occurs approximately one month before the start of the exchange study period and after completing registration with the university. In certain study fields at Tampere University, there may be courses available only as independent studies (self-studying), without any traditional lectures in English (on our campuses).

The teaching schedules for autumn semester courses are published in mid-summer, and for spring semester courses, they are usually published in late autumn

Published: 26.6.2019
Updated: 21.5.2024