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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Extending your exchange period

If you wish to extend your stay from autumn semester to spring semester, please contact first your home university or your exchange programme coordinator to start the process. If your home university approves the extension of your exchange study period, the deadline for an extension 31 October. After everything is confirmed and agreed with your home university or exchange programme, please contact us at mobility.tau [at] before the deadline. You can include an email from your home university as a confirmation of their approval.

You will be able to download a new Letter of Acceptance after you have been admitted to the spring semester. Also you will have take care on your own on possible extension of the residence permit or other registrations, please see below.

Please also note that it is not possible to extend your studies from spring semester to autumn semester.

A checklist to remember (after your extension has been approved)

  1. 1

    Extend your student housing tenancy agreement

    Please note our instructions on Student housing for exchange students

  2. 2

    Make sure you have a valid health insurance for your full stay

    Please note our instructions on Student health insurance for exchange students

  3. 3

    Stay in touch with your current tutor or tutor group

    As most likely you won’t be assigned a new student tutor

  4. 4

    Register with the DVV in January

    More information will be sent by email, DVV registration must be extended

  5. 5

    Pay the TREY's membership fee for the spring semester

  6. 6

    Register for courses in Sisu (teaching period III) in Nov-Dec

  7. 7

    Get your new Erasmus+ Learning Agreement signed, if needed

    After you have been admitted to courses, get your Erasmus+ Learning Agreement signed

  8. 8

    Extend your residence permit for studies (if applicable)

    Remember to extend your residence permit for studies (if applicable, more details below)

  9. 9

    Take a bigger role in helping new exchange with ESN FINT or INTO

    Be pro-active and help FINT and/or INTO with events etc.

Published: 26.6.2019
Updated: 21.2.2024