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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Registration with the University for exchange students

Tampere University

Your identification and registration with the University is taking place online and before the Welcome Week of the spring semester 2023. The registration with the University is required for all exchange students and is free of charge. The identification process will be organised on 30 November - 15 December 2022 for the spring semester 2023 exchange students.

To get started with your exchange studies you will need to complete our identification process and activate your Tampere University user account (TUNI account). TUNI account is used to access the university email, the information system Sisu, different online learning platforms and the most important - for final registrations for courses in December 2022 for the spring semester 2023 courses.

The purpose of the identification process is to verify your identity before sending the personal activation instructions to you. The identification process is done online and is mandatory for all exchange students.

Missing the identification and registration process will result in not being able to start your exchange studies at Tampere University

Published: 26.6.2019
Updated: 2.12.2022