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Welcome new students!

Read our IT Services FAQ to find answers to our most commonly asked questions. More IT instructions are available on these web pages and the IT Services handbook on the intranet.

Here you can download an IT Service cheat sheet:

General for all University and TAMK students

Students’ TUNI accounts are created and maintained based on their personal data that is stored in the student records. Your TUNI username and password will allow you to access, for example, the following services:

  • computer labs
  • email
  • printing and copying
  • wireless network for personal laptops
  • student's desktop
  • Moodle (Tabula and TUNIMoodle)
  • intranet

Read more how to log in to the electronic services.

You must change your password every 210 days! Change your password at

The introduction of multifactor authentication is mandatory for all students.

NOTE! Be sure to enable multifactor authentication (MFA) as soon as you have activated your TUNI account.
Read the MFA instructions and see also the FAQ page.


IT Helpdesk helps

Please send all questions about passwords, user permissions, error messages etc. to the IT Helpdesk, it-helpdesk [at]

it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

+358 294 520 500
Mon - Fri klo 8.00 – 17.00

(outside term time on weekdays from 8:00 to 15:00).

For more information, please go to the IT services handbook

Information security and privacy policy

Start using strong multifactor authentication.
See also the quick guide to information security and security on your own computer.

Our privacy policy describes how we process your personal data.

You can access webmail on all mobile devices. Log in with your TUNI email address.

Email addresses are in the format:
firstname.lastname [at] or firstname.x.lastname [at]

When sending email, please check the email address from Intranet (Search for contact details) or from Outlook address book to ensure your email is received by the right person.


Multifunction devices serve as printers, copiers and scanners on our campuses. You can also print out documents from your personal phone, tablet or laptop. Students are charged for printing and copying according to the price list.

See the Printing and copying page.

File storage

OneDrive for Business is a personal cloud repository that allows you to access your files anytime and anyplace. You can access your personal cloud repository in Office 365 service at

Software on your personal computer

A lot of software is used in the teaching, which can be installed on your own computer. You can also use software via TUNI Virtual Desktop service

Wireless networks

Log in to the secure wireless Eduroam network with your TUNI email address (firstname.lastname [at] (firstname[dot]lastname[at]tuni[dot]fi)).

Download the Eduroam installer at

Click download and choose Tampere Universities.

Read more about Eduroam.

TUNI Moodle
TUNI Moodle is used as a virtual learning environment on many of our courses. Teachers are responsible for managing their courses on Moodle and will help students with any questions.

TUNI Groups

Groups service allows you to set up a shared workspace. The service facilitates collaboration and communication between students and staff. Read more about TUNI Groups.


TUNI EXAM is an electronic examination service that allows you to book a time slot and complete an electronic exam under supervised conditions at a time that is convenient to you. Facilities for taking electronic exams are located on all our campuses in Tampere as well as in Pori and Seinäjoki. More instructions are available on the main page of TUNI Exam.

The intranet serves as a gateway to the information, resources and tools that our students need. It is also a channel for internal communications and offers you news, handbooks, instructions and links to our electronic services.

Welcome package for new students in the Student's Guide

Please find more information for new students in Student's Guide:

TAMK Bachelor students  / TAMK Master students

TAMK transfer students  /  TAMK Open UAS route students

Tampere University international degree students

Tampere University international exchange students

TAMK students


Tuudo is a mobile application that offers students easy access to important information and services. Download Tuudo from your phone´s app store.

  • your timetable and academic records

  • contact details of key services

  • map of the TAMK main campus, menus, journey planner for local bus services

  • search for course implementation rounds based on the course name or course code.

PAKKI - Student´s desktop

Important services for students on a single desktop:

  • Students’ contact and personal data
  • Enrolment on courses
  • ISP and study planning
  • Follow-up of completed courses and assessments
  • ECTS Study guide
  • Class schedules at timetable engine Lukkarikone
  • Facility reservations at Ressu
  • Real-time academic progress monitoring (completed credits)
  • TAMK’s whole course supply:
  • CreTa credit transfer application
  • Extension time application
  • Graduation application
  • Enrolling service for retake exams
  • Meeting times for e.g. supervision and development discussions with the teacher tutor

TAU students

Sisu information system

Sisu enables you to plan your studies, sign up for courses, make requests and inquiries and follow your academic progress. 

Study-related functionalities on the Intranet

Your intranet start page is customised to display not only student news but also information about your studies: the courses for which you have enrolled and been admitted in Sisu, the time and place of classes and related changes, and messages and notifications sent via Sisu.

Student's Guide

In the Student’s Guide, you’ll find instructions for studying and information about the curriculum and the teaching schedule.

The Course Feedback System (OJP)

The Course Feedback System (OJP) allows you to give anonymous feedback on the teaching for which you have sign up at Sisu. The feedback form will open two weeks before the teaching ends. You will receive a automatic notification email.