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New transfer students

Congratulations to you, TAMK's new degree student and welcome to Tampere University of Applied Sciences! We are delighted that you have chosen to study with us. These pages offer you important information that you will need as you begin your programme and join our community. Please read the materials carefully and take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition into life at TAMK. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Congratulations on your study place!

This page provides new transfer students with information about all the steps they need to take to prepare for their studies at TAMK.  

The programme-specific instructions offer you more detailed information about getting ready to start your studies. Links to the instructions are available further down this page after the new student checklist.

Please follow the instructions on this page carefully to secure your place at TAMK. You are now on one of the pages of our online Student’s guide, which we advise you to explore further. The Student’s guide is a gateway to information that all our students need while studying at TAMK.

Good luck with your studies! 


Latest updates on Covid-19

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation and decisions issued by the public authorities and will decide on the necessary safety measures together. In all our communications, we will adhere to the instructions provided by the public authorities and respect the privacy of individuals.

If you are having respiratory symptoms for unknown reasons or are otherwise feeling unwell, we ask that you do not attend the on-campus events of the welcome week and report your absence to the study affairs coordinator of your degree programme. Contact details are available on the programme-specific pages.   

TAMK advises all campus visitors to wear a face mask. Stay safe and healthy!

Checklist for a new student – Remember to complete these steps!

1. Accept your study place

Admitted applicants must accept the offered study place by logging into portal by 31 July 2024 at 3 pm. at the latest. If the confirmation has not been done by the set date and time, the applicant will lose the offered study place. Acceptance should be done by using the unique link sent automatically from the Studyinfo portal. If you are technically unable to use the link or have trouble completing the confirmation, please contact TAMK Admissions at admissions.tamk(a)

More info on accepting your study place

2. Register as present

All selected students must also register as present or absent for the following term. This option will appear in the portal once you have accepted your study place. Please note that transfer students cannot register as absent. If you are a tuition fee paying student, your registration is only possible by paying the first installment of your tuition fee. If you have completed your payment to your previous higher education institution before receiving their student selection results from TAMK, you must ask for reimbursement from the previous institution and pay the first installment of your tuition fee when completing your enrollment at TAMK.

More information on how to register

3. Book housing

As a transfer student, you are most likely coming from another city or region. It is therefore wise to book accommodation as soon as you know you are going to transfer. After confirming your study place, you should look into student housing.

Read more about housing options

4. Upload updated documents to Studyinfo

Once you have confirmed your study place, make sure to upload your final transcript and attach it to your application in Studyinfo by 31 July 2024 (3 pm). Student selections are always conditional, until we have received and checked the final documentation from your previous university or UAS. Your selection can be retracted if you do not submit the required documentation in due course, or you have given false or misleading information regarding your credits and/or grades.

Go to

5. Prepare for original documents check

We will check the originals either from databases or by comparing against the copies you have submitted in Studyinfo when applying. Student selections are always conditional until documents have been checked. If the original documents do not grant you eligibility, the student selection decision will be retracted. If possible, avoid sending original documents in regular mail, for they may be lost in transport. Either travel with the documents with you, or use a courier service with tracking options. Study affairs coordinators will inform each group of students how and when the documents check is done.

6. Activate your TUNI account

When you have registered your attendance and your information has been transferred to TAMK’s student register, you will receive a link to the username registration and account activation by email. You can identify yourself by Finnish online banking ID's, Finnish mobile / citizen certificate card, European eIDAS identification or Finnish Authenticator Identification Service available for non-EU students.

Activate your account

7. Plan accreditation of your previous studies

Contact the student counsellor in your degree programme as soon as you have your final transcript from your previous university. You can find more information, list of student counsellors and TAMK curricula in the links below.

More about recognition of prior learning

7. Apply for student financial aid and housing allowance

International students are usually not entitled to the financial benefits to The Social Insurance of Finland (KELA). If you have worked in Finland prior to you studies or are married or in a long-term relationship, you might be entitled to some benefits. Check you eligibility from Kela. If you are entitled to Kela benefits, apply for student financial aid after you have received and accepted your offer of admission. If you are not eligible for student financial aid, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits while studying ( or adult education allowance ( If you receive adult education allowance, you can apply for a government guarantee for your student loan from Kela.

Read more about student financial aid

8. Pay the healthcare fee of the Finnish Student Health Service

All degree students registered Present are allowed to use the healthcare services provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). As you are entitled to use the healthcare services by FSHS, you must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. Students pay the healthcare fee twice a year, once for the autumn semester and once for the spring semester. The fee for autumn 2024 is 36,80€. There will be no separate invoice for the payment, you must pay independently by 15 November 2024.

Instructions for paying the healthcare fee

9. Apply for a student card and join Tamko

By joining the student union Tamko, you will receive a student card that demonstrates that you are eligible for thousands of student discounts across Finland. Your access rights to TAMK will be automatically added to your plastic student card if you order one. Note that it takes estimated two weeks to you student card to arrive after you fill up the membership form on Tamko's website. If you order your student card beforehand, it’ll ease up your first weeks at TAMK.

Become a member

10. Download Pivo app

The digital student card works like the plastic, physical student card. You can demonstrate that you are eligible for student discounts by presenting your digital student card. Pivo is a free app that can be used by the customers of all Finnish banks. To start using Pivo, you need an online banking codes.

Read more about Tamko’s membership benefits

Programme-specific instructions for new transfer students on the start of their studies and new student orientation



After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook. You can also take part in our new student orientation in the autumn. Click on the links below to find the schedule and programme.

Social Sciences, Business and Administration

After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook.

Natural Sciences

After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook.

Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services

After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook.

Social Services, Health and Sports

After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook.

Technology, Communication and Transport

After you have received an offer of admission, accepted the offer and registered as attending, please book an appointment with your designated student counsellor. You can find the contact information in our Student’s handbook.


Study Services at TAMK

Study Services at TAMK we advise on all kinds of study-related matters: right to study, enrolment procedure, graduation etc.

You can contact our Study Services Monday through Friday by email at opintotoimisto.tamk [at] (palvelupiste[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi).

TAMK’s contact information

Find out more about studying at Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Get to know us

We offer seven fields of study and have activities spread across the Kauppi campus, Mediapolis and the Finlayson area in Tampere as well as multiple locations in the Tampere region. Find out more about Tampere University of Applied Sciences!

TAMK at a glance

IT services

You need a username, a password and access to a computer to get started with your studies. Read our IT instructions so you know what to do next.

IT services for new students

Peer coaching

Peer coaching is a form of peer instruction provided to our students. You can apply for a peer coach at any stage of your studies. You can also ask a peer coach for assistance if you need help with using our student information systems or navigating the campus. Keep track of the news published by the student union Tamko in the autumn to find out more about the meetings and peer coaching!

Read more about peer tutors

You can already visit the Lukkarikone system where your timetable will be published. If you do not yet know your group code, you can search for timetables, for example, based on the degree that you will be working towards at TAMK. Select Group search on the start page and type, for example, “business” as your search term, select the 2021 group (you can select multiple groups at a time), click +Add and Show calendar. The system will display the courses planned for the coming semester as well as a tentative schedule for the new student orientation. However, please read more about the schedule and programme of our new student orientation on the programme-specific pages (links above).

Useful links related to studying at TAMK and living in Finland

Students' Well-being

Don't fly solo, join Parvi!

Tampere Universities and TAMK are committed to supporting students’ well-being and delivering a positive student experience. Please do not hesitate to contact our support services if you have any concerns. The Students’ Well-being site offers you easy access to information about the broad range of guidance, support and health care services that are available to our students. You can also find information about learning support and free-time activities.

Visit the Students' Well-being site

Get to know to the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Student health care

From 1st of January 2021 onwards the student health care services will be provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Read more about student health care

Welcome to FSHS!

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is an expert in student healthcare and, as a student in higher education, provides you with general health, oral health and mental health services and promotes the well-being of student communities.

FSHS for a new student

FSHS greets new students and introduces its services.

Watch the video on YouTube

Tampere City, SportUni, Tamko, Visit Tampere and Nysse - Services and tips for students

Welcome to study in City of Tampere!

Executive Director (City of Tampere) Teppo Rantanen's greeting to new students: "I am so happy that you have chosen Tampere to be the place where you study. This is a great place, great city to live, to study, but also I want to invite you to stay after your studies and work here. Because this is also a great place to live for everybody in Finland."

Watch the video!

SportUni – The best University sports in Tampere

SportUni offers high-quality and diverse sports services for students and staff at Tampere Universities. You can use the sports services on three campuses at a fair price.

SportUni - Find your sport

The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko)

Every University of Applied Sciences in Finland has a Students’ Union which monitors students’ rights and interests. The Students’ Unions are recognized and regulated by the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Act. To become a member, you must be a student at TAMK. Welcome to join, there are already over 7500 of us!

Check out Tamko

Tampere - The most attractive city in Finland according to us Finns!

Tampere has a lot to offer! The city brings together beautiful natural landscapes and a thriving cultural scene. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Pispala and, for example, visit the theatre in a single day!

Visit Tampere

A 30-day student season ticket is available from Nysse Mobiili app. The ticket, which has an unlimited number of trips, is valid for selected zones on buses, trams as well as trains. Night fares are not applied. The ticket can be purchased by full-time student who are 17 and over, and who study in an upper secondary school, a vocational institution, a higher education institution or a University.

Read more about the student ticket!

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