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Friend Programme for international students and local friends

The Friend Programme is a model through which Tampere locals and international students at TAMK can meet and become friends. Getting to know the regular Finnish way of life - in it's smallest nuances and peculiarities - will help students feel more at home here.

Who is the Friend Programme for?

You may participate in the Friend Programme if you are a local individual or family living in Tampere Region or an international student at TAMK.

  • Do you want to learn about other languages, cultures and people from other countries?
  • Do you want to learn or tell about Finnish language, culture, its people, nature and habits?
  • Do you want to get a friend from another country and origin?
  • Do you want to be more international and have multicultural activities in your life?

If you answered yes to these questions, this friend programme is something worth committing and participating. Please note that your English does not have to be perfect, as many of the students are not native English speakers either. The most important criteria is that you open-minded and willing to meet people from other cultures and learn together. Come and join us!

What is the Friend Programme?

The aims of the Friend Programme are to:

  • bring together international students and local individuals or families 
  • enable participants to develop their language and intercultural communication skills
  • offer students and families an opportunity to broaden their perspectives by learning from each other’s cultures
  • in the best case scenario, enable unforgettable experiences and long-lasting friendships

The programme lasts eleven months, February – December annually. We will organise two joint meetings for the families and the students. Other activities will be individually agreed upon between the families and the students themselves. At the end of the year, we collect feedback from the participants.

Practical information about the programme

Study and Stay

The programme is part of our Study and Stay model. Study and Stay is a Tampere University Community concept of activities and services for all our international degree students. The aim of the programme is to support international students to study, live and work or start a business in the Tampere Area. 

The model guides students through their journey from the welcome week all the way to graduation and beyond in alumni services. Study and Stay was developed by the Career Services of Tampere Universities together with the International House Tampere team. 

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Pictures on this page are by Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere and Laura Paronen / Visit Tampere.