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Working while studying

Working part-time while studying might be an option to finance your studies. In addition to some useful extra cash, having a part-time job can be a good way of gaining valuable work experience and networks alongside your studies.

International  degree students are allowed to work during their stay in Finland – with certain restrictions. The restrictions have to do with the nationality (EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA) and the nature of employment.

If you are a Nordic or EU/EEA national, you have the right to work in Finland without any work permit or restrictions on hours. Do note that the work should not get in the way of your study progress.

If you come from outside of the EU/EEA countries, you have the right to work part-time with the student's residence status. The amount of part-time work cannot exceed 30 hours a week. For more information on the regulations of study and work, please see MIGRI’s website.

Please note that finding a part-time job in Finland can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have Finnish language skills. Therefore, we strongly encourage our degree students to learn the local language!