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Academic tutors

Teacher tutoring is an important and prominent part of the academic guidance and counselling of students in each degree programme at TAMK. Teacher tutors are teacher/coaches have expertise in their given field and degree programme. The role of a teacher tutor is to support and encourage the students throughout their studies. 

The role of a teacher tutor is particularly important in the early stages of the studies. Teacher tutors work together with the student tutors in supporting the students with integration into their studies and the study community. Teacher tutors are there to support the students at different stages during the studies, through individual/group discussions. Supporting the students' independence and motivation is quintessential to the role of a teacher tutor.  The teacher tutor also assists the students in learning, evaluating their owns skills and competence as well as professional development. 

Teacher tutor is the primary contact person of guidance of a student at TAMK. A teacher tutor is appointed to each new group  of students starting their studies at TAMK. 

Teacher Tutors, List of Names 

The core duties of a teacher tutor at TAMK are:

  • Supporting the study group during orientation days, supporting students' team building and commitment to their studies.
  • Monitoring and supporting the students’ progress, study ability and well-being of the students in their allocated group.
  • Conducting guidance discussions annually with the group's students.
  • Organising regular student-academic tutor meetings and providing the students with any other relevant information and guidance related to studying and well-being.

A teacher tutor has the opportunity to learn more about the individual strengths and interests of the students as well as the challenges they may face with studying and learning. A teacher tutor can guide the students to appropriate additional Guidance and Counselling Services when needed. The student counsellor in each degree program acts as a mentor for the teacher tutors and is responsible for the development of counselling services.


Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 15.1.2024