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TAMK Student's Handbook

Guidance and counselling services and contact information

Core Personnel for Student Counselling:

Teacher Tutor
Every starting student group has a designated teacher tutor appointed for them at the beginning of their studies. You will meet him/her in the beginning of your studies. The teacher tutor supports you throughout different phases of your studies. You can contact your teacher tutor matters concerning your studies and well-being. The teacher tutor will direct you, if necessary, to other forms of support as well (such as student counsellors).

Student Tutor
Every university of applied sciences degree programme student group has a designated student tutor, who you will meet on the very first day of your studies. International students arriving in TAMK also have the support of student tutors. You can contact your student tutor for help with various study-related practical matters. Tutors also familiarize you with student life and Tampere as a student city. Student tutoring is coordinated by student association Tamko.

Student Counsellor
You can contact the student counselor of your degree programme, if you need support with your personalized study path. For example, if your studies are progressing slower or faster than your student group's planned schedule or you feel you need individual support and special conditions (for example, study difficulties). The student counsellor guides you with decision-making, career planning, credit transfer and your individual study planning (ISP). Link to student counsellors.

Other Guidance Personnel:

Your teacher is in charge of information related to course completion.

Practical Training Supervisor
Your studies include practical training, which has a crucial role in professional and expert skill development. A TAMK Practical Training Supervisor and the training adviser at the place of work support you to accomplish your training goals.

Thesis Supervisor
The thesis included in your studies is meant to develop and display the skills needed for practical knowledge and application in your specific field. A designated Thesis Supervisor supports you throughout the thesis writing process.

Service Point (Studying and Education)
You can turn to Service Point in almost all study-related matters. You can get general study counselling, transcripts of records, study certificates and information about other TAMK services. You can read more information about the Service Point here.

Career Services
Career Services support you when you transition to working life. Whether you are getting a summer job or seeking a job after graduation, career services support you by organising training sessions, taking part in recruitment events, providing you with information of work and practical training positions and by guiding, on a practical level, the process of finding employment and training positions.

Exchange Student Services
Exchange Student Services collect and dispense information to you on international exchange opportunities around the world. We also organize international orientation and coordinate the tutor activities of exchange students in cooperation with student union Tamko. If you are about to leave for international exchange, your Practical Training Supervisor helps you, but with practical matters you can turn to international services.

International Coordinator
Students are encouraged to take part in an international student and training exchange program during their studies, but extensive internationalisation opportunities are available even at home. Degree programmes have their own international coordinator, who informs the students of the available exchange opportunities and guides you with these opportunities. In addition, the coordinator supports you with international exchange programmes and helps exchange students.

Social Counselling for international students
The Social Counselling services support you with settling to Finland and official business: permits, living, healthcare, budgeting and so on.

Other Staff for  supporting students' wellbeing and study ability:

Study Ability Counsellor
Study Ability Counsellor can support you in situations where your ability to study efficiently is affected. Together with the Study Ability Counsellor, you may map out your need for support and guidance and reflect upon how to improve your study ability. More info about Study Ability Support Services in TAMK.

Student Health Care
You have the right to use the public health care of your school's state regardless of where you live. Student health care includes health, mental health, sexual health and dental care. More info about Student health care services.

School Pastor
You can contact the school pastor if you are, for example, worried about your studies, work or life in general, your relationship and various crisis situations. More info about Cooperation with congregation.

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 10.4.2024