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Student housing


Student housing

Housing in Finland is of high quality. All the houses have central heating and inside temperatures remains comfortably at +20°C even when it is -20°C outside. Triple windows and heavy doors ensure that heat is retained inside.

Please note that you are required to arrange your accommodation by yourself

As soon as you have been accepted as a student, you should start arranging your accommodation and arrival. Apply for accommodation as early as possible, as first-come-first-serve principles applies and the best places are booked within the first few days! There usually is a shortage of student accommodation in Tampere in the autumn. There are thousands of new students starting their studies at the same time.

Student housing providers in Tampere

You can choose from two larger student housing providers:

Each of the above is independent from your university. You may apply for a room from one or more providers. Each of them has an online application form. After you have filled in the application form, the provider in question will contact you with further instructions and/or an offer. 

If you apply for a room from several providers, remember to cancel your other applications after you have received a room from one provider. Otherwise, you may end up having to pay rent for several apartments!

Each provider has their own rules and standards for student housing. However, the following information applies to student housing in general:

  • Students may have to share their flat, sometimes even their room, with another student or students. The kitchen, bathroom and toilet are usually shared.
  • The standard of student housing is usually modest.
  • The rent in a shared apartment is about 300€/month/person. The rent includes electricity, hot water, and the use of sauna and laundry facilities.
  • The rooms assigned to new foreign students are usually furnished with a bed, a mattress, a table and a chair. Most flats have an internet connection, and the usage fee is often included in the rent.

You should always check what is included in the rent and prepare for what is not included.

Other rental companies in Tampere

In the Tampere region, rental prices in the private sector are typically twice as high as in the student housing providers' prices. The apartments are not usually furnished, and the rent does not include electricity, water costs or the use of common laundry or sauna facilities.

Short term housing for part-time studies

TAMK has an agreement with tampere [at] (Norlandia Tampere Hotel) near campus and students can book accommodation at a discount rate. When reserving a room, inform the hotel that you are studying at TAMK and request our contract price.

Other affordable accomodation options nearby are Dreamhostel  / Hotel Kauppi  /  CitiInn

Published: 20.2.2019
Updated: 18.4.2024