Welcome new university students

We welcome you to the Tampere university community with this video! On these pages we have compiled information that you will need to make your journey to Tampere and the start of your Bachelor’s or Master’s studies at Tampere University a success. Please read the information carefully and follow each step. We look forward to having you here soon!

Remember to take care of these to prepare for arrival in Tampere:

Starting your studies

Once you arrive in Tampere, it is time to officially register as a student at Tampere University and prepare to start your studies. We have listed here the main things about how to get started successfully. Remember that your student tutors will be happy to help with everything even before you get here. 

Studying and living in Tampere and Finland

The University offers a variety of services to make your everyday life and studies in Tampere a success. In the city of Tampere, every fifth resident is a student, which contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city and is visible in a plethora of student services and events. Below, you will find links to information which will help you plan your everyday life here.