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The purchase of print quota and student rates

Tampere University and TAMK

Buy printing quota primarily at Ricoh online shop.You can also buy quota from City centre campus, Main building, room A025 (Mon, Wed, Thu 12-12.30) and in Hervanta campus from Kampusareena, 2nd floor A259 (Tue, Thu, Fri 8-16). At the service points, you can only buy quota in cash.

Purchasing a print quota through a online shop requires paypal ID.

Tampere University will no longer grant students free printing quota. At the end of the new academic year, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences will no longer grant students free print quota.


  • One black and white one-sided page costs 4,18 cents, and two-sided 4,18 x 2.
  • One colored, one-sided page costs 6,37 cents, and two-sided 6,37 x 2.


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Created: 31.1.2019
Updated: 19.5.2022