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Tampere University Student's Guide

Welcome to Tampere University Student's Guide. This handbook offers you information and guidelines concerning your studies.
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Welcome new international degree students!

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Information for incoming exchange students

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Browse Tampere University's Student's Handbook

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Tampere University's Curriculum - Kauppi and City centre campuses

Tampere University curriculum information has changed. If you encounter problems finding your courses, please read the following FAQ.
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Tampere University's Curriculum - Hervanta campus

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FAQ city centre and Kauppi campuses

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Open job positions

University´s Job Ads Service lists all the open positions, internships and Master Thesis projects that employers have posted for  students of Tampere University. While the Job Ads Service is primarily intended for advertising vacancies that are targeted towards university students or graduates, it also features summer jobs and seasonal positions that fall into other categories. Employers are responsible for the content of their job advertisement.