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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Exchange students with children

Tampere University

Exchange students arriving in Tampere with their family may have a multitude of questions – from organising their exchange studies with a baby to day care forms offered in Tampere. We understand that starting your exchange studies while already having a child can pose a special challenge. However, with some outside support, a lot of commitment and good organisation, studying on a exchange with family can be combined. Unfortunately, the International Mobility Services are not able to provide you any additional support, but we have collected some general guidelines for our exchange students arriving with kids.

Student housing and furnished family apartments

Tampere University does not have on-campus dormitories. Housing for exchange students is mainly administrated by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS).

TOAS offers a selection of family apartments, from one-bedroom up to three-bedroom apartments. When applying for a family apartment, applicants with children are prioritised in queuing. You can apply if at least one of the couple is a student in Tampere. You can apply for a family apartment with a friend or a sibling as well but both of you need to be students in Tampere. You can also apply for a family apartment alone, a flat mate is not required. The waiting time for a family apartment differs according to the location since some areas have longer queues than others. Family apartments are unfurnished and applied with the regular application.

TOAS has only a few family apartments with furniture, if any of them are available, they will be announced on the Quickly Available website (which also includes offers of unfurnished apartments as well).

Baby care facilities at the University and campus accessibility

Tampere University's has barrier-free access to the campus area and buildings. The accessibility is ensured by ramps, elevators and automatic doors. Almost all of the buildings, toilets and student restaurants have full wheelchair and stroller access. Read more:

A baby care room is a room for the use of carers to attend to personal needs of infants, toddlers, and even younger children. It is a space allocated for nappies change, fluids and solids preparation, feeding and breastfeeding for mothers. The room is located in the main building on the city centre campus.

On Hervanta campus all accessible toilets are equipped with changing tables.

Eating with children at student restaurants

All student restaurants at Tampere University have various services for students with kids, such as high chairs and sometimes even special menus or pricing for kids. Read more:

Day care services and education in Tampere

For information on the early childhood education possibilities as municipal and private day care, family day care and club activities, information on preschool and basic education, general upper secondary and vocational upper secondary education, please go to City of Tampere, Day care and education.

Other resources of information

Created: 29.1.2020
Updated: 13.4.2022