Tampere University Library
Kirjasto automaatit kuvituskuva

Using the Library

You need a library card to borrow printed materials. The same card is valid in all our Library units. By giving your personal data to the Library’s patron register, you are bound to comply with the Library’s service rules.

Request policies

In Andor you can make a reservation for the material on loan and choose the pick-up location you want. You can always reserve material for retrieval to any Library unit you want when the material is on loan or is not in the collection of your choice. If the material is on the shelf, you can only choose another location as the pick-up location. Therefore, if the material is already on the shelf at a unit that suits you, you must pick it up from the shelf yourself to and borrow it.

  • If the book is available on the shelf at the book's own home unit, the assumption is that the material is picked up from the shelf itself and borrowed.
    • For example, there is a book you want on the shelf of Linna unit. You cannot make a reservation for it if you want to pick it up from Linna, but you have to pick it up from the shelf yourself and borrow it.
    • If you want to make a reservation for a book on Linna shelf, you must choose another location as a pick-up location.
  • A reservation for material on the shelf can only be made if the material is not available in the collection of the unit from which you want to pick up the book or all copies of the book are already on loan.
    • For example, the Hervanta unit has a book on the shelf that you want, but you are in the Linna yourself. You can make a reservation for the book and put Linna as a pick-up location. You cannot reserve a book to be picked up from Hervanta, where the book is on the shelf.
    • There is a book in any Library unit, all of which are on loan - you are free to choose the pick-up location.

Borrow, return, request, renew


You can use your library card in all our Library units. You are responsible for the items borrowed with your library card, so you need to keep track of due dates and renew or return your loans on time.

  • Please note, that if you have 10 € or more of unpaid library fees, you are not able to borrow books or renew your loans.

You need a four digit PIN code to borrow books at self service.

  • If you don't have a PIN code yet or have forgotten it, you can set a new PIN in Andor.
    • Login, select My Account and then choose Update Password / PIN.
  • Alternatively, you can set / change your PIN by contacting the library.


Return your loans on the due date at latest.

  • When the library is closed, you can use the return boxes.
  • You can also return loans by mailing them straight to us. Use the addresses found from Library units' contact info.
    • We don't pick up packages from parcel points.
  • Overnight loans, books from reference collection, devices and keys must be returned to the library unit they were borrowed from.

You’ll receive a courtesy notice of the approaching due date four days before the due date and in the morning of the due date. We’ll send you four notices of overdue items; first right after the due date, next ones a week, two weeks and three weeks from the due date.

  • If there are problems with the arrival of the notice, you are still responsible for returning or renewing the loans in time and also bound to pay the possible overdue charges.


You can request a book that is currently on loan through Andor

  • Overnight loans and books in the reference collection can't be requested.
  • When your request is available for pick up, you’ll be notified by email. On the notice you’ll see the pick up location and the last day for pick up. Normally the time for picking up is one week.

You can find your request on the self service pick up shelf under your family name and borrow it using the self-service machine.

  • If you don’t want your requests on the self service pick up shelf, you can pick them up from the customer service. In that case, please contact the library customer service or library [at] tuni.fi.


You can renew your loans in Andor or by sending us an email library [at] tuni.fi.

  • You can renew a loan if there are no requests for the item and your fines are under 10 €.
  • Overnight loans can't be renewed.

If you can't renew your loans because of a service break in Andor or another technical problem, you can renew them by phone, or by email. A service break or a technical problem is not a reason to cancel the possible overdue fees.

Library card

Our Library is open for everyone. You can get a library card by visiting the library customer service. Please take your photo ID with you. If you are a member of Tampere Universities, you can order a library card with a form at self service portal. Students can activate their student card to work as a library card.

Read more about the library card from our guide

Loan periods

Printed materials

  • General collection 28 days
  • Course books 14 days
  • Period loans 56 days
  • Over night loans, night/weekend loan
    • Return before 10 am next working day
  • Theses 28 days
    • Archive copies can’t be borrowed
  • Borrowable sheet music 28 days
  • Journals, not available for loan


    • Borrowable recordings and DVDs 28 days
    • Tablets 14 days
    • Ni myRIO devices 28 days
    • Lockers, Dippakärryt, Thesis Lockers 90 days

    Interlibrary services

    Loans from other libraries

    If we haven’t got a book or other resource you need on our collections, we can order it for you from another library.

    You can order interlibrary loans by filling out an online form. Please see the interlibrary loan fees on our fees list.

    Loans to other libraries

    Other libraries can order interlibrary loans from our collections with an online form. Please see the interlibrary loan fees on our fees list.

    We are a NORFRI library.