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Multifactor authenticator - external user

Tampere University and TAMK

An external user is a person who uses TUNI Microsoft Office 365 services but does not have a TUNI user account. Such a person can be, for example, a student of another university or a member of project.

External users who have access to a TUNI Groups team or TUNI Sharepoint or OneDrive documents must start using multifactor authentication when they sign in the service. Attending only Teams meetings does not require multifactor authentication.

Multifactor authentication means that a person receives an additional authentication on mobile phone after logging in to the TUNI Microsoft Office 365 services. Those services cannot be accessed without authentication.

You can enable multifactor authentication using either an SMS text message or the Microsoft Authenticator application installed on your phone. You can do authentication in both ways, but we recommend primarily use Microsoft Authenticator.

Two-step authentication is organisation-specific.


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Published: 24.2.2021
Updated: 21.12.2022