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IT services when employment ends

Tampere University and TAMK

When your employment agreement ends, the username and basic user rights (login, M365, are valid for 7 days after the end of employment. The other rights related to your user account (so-called additional user rights) will expire as soon as the employment ends. Your account will then be disabled. You may check the validity of your user account on the service website.

When your user account closes, the email address and email inbox related to it will be deleted. Forwarding email from a closed email address or setting an automatic response is not possible. 

If you are the user rights administrator of, e.g., a disk user rights group, a wiki platform, or the content machine, please ensure that the management entitlements are transferred to the right persons. Request IT Helpdesk to delete your user right(s) and transfer them to the subsequent owners of the services. You may check the ownership of your user rights via the

Also remember to transfer the responsibilities for the systems and IT agreements you are responsible for. If you are the person or contact in charge of a system, IT contract or a licensing agreement, please ask IT Helpdesk to change the person in charge.

Please also see Information security when the agreement or right to study ends (

Return your computer and telephone

Save important files from your computer by transferring them to another device or location. Also remember any browser bookmarks and saved passwords. In addition, transfer the necessary phone numbers, photos, etc. from your phone. The IT Services will reset the devices once they are returned.

At the end of employment, please return your computer and phone with peripherals to the campus device lockers.

  • Hervanta, Päärakennus, address Korkeakoulunkatu 10, foyer PB219 on floor 2
  • Kauppi, Arvo2 building, address Arvo Ylpönkatu 34, foyer
  • City centre campus, Päätalo, address Kalevantie 4, corridor A059
  • TAMK main campus, B building, address Kuntokatu 3, corridor B2-01on floor 2

You can put your devices in the locker without having an access code or logging in to the service.

Take care of your digital data

Ensure the storing and deleting of the data you have processed or transferring it to another person.


  • OneDrive:
    • Transfer necessary data to a Tuni Group and remove unnecessary files. When your employment ends, your supervisor will automatically be granted access to your OneDrive storage for 30 days, after which the content in OneDrive will be removed. The supervisor must save necessary content during this period.
  • Tuni Groups (Teams):
    • The data in TG groups is not altered if someone still has user rights to the group. If you are the sole owner of a TG group, please assign somebody else to be responsible for the members and lifespan of the group. If you are the last person to have user rights, the TG group will be deleted.
  • Personal home directory, P: drive:
    • The personal home directory on a network drive will be automatically deleted after user rights expire. If you will continue to have, e.g., a student status, it is your duty to appropriately process any work-related data still left in your home directory.
  • S: drive group directories on a network drive:
    • If you are the sole owner of group directory user rights, please ask IT Helpdesk to transfer the administration of user rights to the appropriate person well in advance. Also do this if you will continue to have, e.g., a student status. 

Other personal software

  • Personal workspaces in Microsoft Power BI
    • Will be automatically deleted after the account has expired. Please save important content to another location/device.
  • Microsoft Power Apps
    • Will not be automatically deleted. Please save important content elsewhere.
  • Power Automate data, workflows etc.
    • Will not be automatically deleted. Please save important content elsewhere.
  • Your home computer’s Windows Bitlocker hard disk encryption keys
    • If software obtained through the University has been installed on a Windows home computer, or another suitable connection to a TUNI user account has been created, the encryption keys on the home computer’s hard drive may have been stored in TUNI Azure AD. When a person’s account is closed, the home computer may require the encryption key to be entered in some situations, meaning the computer can no longer be switched on. Before your account is closed, please check if the encryption keys are in the cloud and save them elsewhere. By logging in to your personal information in the Microsoft 365 portal on with your TUNI user account, you can go to the ‘Devices’ tab to check whether the Bitlocker keys for your home computer(s) have been saved in the university’s directory service. The IT Services cannot hand over or store encryption keys. 
  • If you have a personal home page, please save the content elsewhere.



  • If there are Moodle platforms you will no longer need or want to store, see the Quick instructions on deleting Moodle courses.
  • If students still need to have access to your Moodle platform, make sure you agree within your faculty or unit to whom you can transfer the teachers’ rights in your platform.
  • Please close the Moodle platforms to which students no longer need access. However, do not delete any content on the platform because the assessments of study attainments are subject to the retention periods set out in Tampere University’s Regulations on Degrees and Regulations on the Assessment of Studies.
  • Check the study attainments on the Moodle platform and record them appropriately, if necessary.
  • If you want to use the Moodle platform you have built later and on other organisations’ Moodles, you can save a backup copy of the platform and download it to your computer.


TUNI Virtual Desktop:

  • The user profiles of AVD desktops (e.g., an individual user’s Desktop and Documents) will be saved on the network drive in Azure File Share. The user can save the data by logging on to one of the AVD desktops and copying them for storage elsewhere.
  • The user can recover data from a Citrix system environment by logging on to a Citrix desktop and copying them to another location.

Other teaching systems:

  • Plussa: The data is generated from the course-gitlab server data (see the Reserach/Gitlab instructions below). Courses in Plussa are not automatically deleted.
  • Weto: If necessary, upload the content of your course (Main -> Download/upload), add a new teacher (Main -> Settings) to the course if the course continues and ask it-helpdesk [at] to remove the course if it is no longer needed. Courses are not automatically deleted when a user account is closed.


  • MS Forms questionnaire: If you want to continue using Forms, please transfer the Forms survey/form to a Tuni group in which future users will have rights.
  • LimeSurvey, Please delete the surveys you no longer need. Save the surveys you are still going to use in another location. Please ask for the IT Helpdesk to change the owner of the surveys that will continue to be used. The surveys will not be automatically removed.
  • REDCap, If you manage user rights for a project, check if you are the only administrator and, if necessary, add others: Applications > User rights, see the ‘User Rights’ column. Please delete unnecessary projects. Projects will not be automatically removed. Ask the IT Helpdesk for instructions if you would like, for example, a copy of the surveys you have prepared.
  • CSC services: If you leave the University to work for another Finnish university, please inform the CSC Helpdesk at helpdesk [at] (helpdesk[at]csc[dot]fi).
  • CSC projects: If you are responsible for a CSC project, please ask the CSC Helpdesk at helpdesk [at] (helpdesk[at]csc[dot]fi) to substitute you with someone else.
  • CSC’s Puhti, Mahti and LUMI: If necessary, save your personal files from these computers to other locations, and delete any unnecessary ones. When a user account expires, the files are automatically deleted.
  • TCSC, i.e., Narvi: If you have data in the services, delete them, or request a change of ownership.
  • GitLab: Save your projects elsewhere. Transfer the administration of your shared project: Manage -> Members and the Owner rights to an appropriate member.
  •, linux-desktop:
  • Research servers:
    • On the website, you can view most of the access rights you have to (Linux) computers. Please check them, save to another location, delete the unnecessary, and request a change of ownership for the rest.
    • Possible accesses opened to Windows research servers are not mainly visible via
    • The personal home directories of Linux research servers
    • The user profiles of Windows research servers

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 20.3.2024