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IT services when the right to study ends

Tampere University and TAMK

Your user account expires 14 days after the end of your right to study. Please check the validity of your user account at service.

The email address related to your user account also expires at the same time. It is not possible to set a forwarding address or an automatic reply for your expired email address.

NB! The contents of the home directory related to the email account will also be destroyed so please make sure to make copies of the materials you may still need.

Your other rights associated with the user account (additional user rights) expire immediately at the end of your right to study.

NB! You will no longer be able to login PAKKI or SISU after the graduation date. Upon expiration of the account, students will be notified by e-mail 7 days before the account closes.

  • Archive the necessary emails on your own computer as well as Moodle documents, for example.
  • Check possible computer student licenses


IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at]

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 26.1.2023