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IT-services when the right to study / employment / resource agreement starts

Tampere University and TAMK

IT-services and user account

The user account can be activated as soon as the username (ID) is created and information about it is received by the user. User rights (such as email) are valid starting three days before the start of the contract. The user account can be activated from self serviceportal:

Your user account includes the following user rights depending on you role:

- Staff/student: basic user rights e.g. logging to the TUNI computer, Intranet, email, M365, Haka-login.

- Only staff (in addition to basic user rights): Mepco, M2, Promid, SoleTM

- Resource agreement: additional user rights applied for separately under the agreement, which are valid according to the start and end dates of the agreement. You can have either an extended resource agreement or a basic resource agreement depending on your role. More information on resource agreements on the intranet.


IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 23.9.2020
Updated: 18.8.2022