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LocationPhilosophy, Faculty of Social Sciencies, 33014 Tampere University
Visiting Address: Pinni B, 4. floor., Kanslerinrinne 1


The degree programme in philosophy at Tampere University aims to provide a broad survey of philosophy, ranging from metaphysics, logic, and epistemology to ethics and social philosophy.

The Bachelor’s studies in philosophy at Tampere University provide students with basic knowledge of philosophy, with a sufficiently broad scope to enable them to pursue a Master’s degree in any area of philosophy. Besides philosophy courses, the students are required to accomplish some general basic level courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC), and they are encouraged to select some further courses, other than philosophy, at Tampere University. At the Master’s level, the students are expected to focus on one area in philosophy and to prepare a Master’s thesis on a well-defined research topic.

The combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programme in philosophy at Tampere University offers knowledge and skills students need in case they choose to pursue a doctoral degree in philosophy. The programme provides students with the competence to teach philosophy at public schools in Finland. Moreover, a degree in philosophy provides the students with the critical thinking and systematic analysis skills that are useful for anyone pursuing a career in areas, such as medicine, business, public management, law, or communication.