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Office room: Pinni B4133 

Phone: 045-2056 109 (mobile), 050-318 6122 (office, do not call, usually closed)

E-mail: tommi.vehkavaara [at] tuni.fi (tommi[dot]vehkavaara[at]tuni[dot]fi) or tvehkavaara [at] gmail.com (tvehkavaara[at]gmail[dot]com) 

Homepage at Academia.edu (with the links to some papers)

Research interests

Biosemiotics; Cognitive semiotics; Semiotic naturalism; C.S. Peirce's philosophy (categories, logical semiotic, and pragmatism); Mark Bickhard's interactivism; Logic (as a philosophical normative science); Critique of metaphysical theorizing

Present research

"Mental modeling of life" (representations, sign-action, and self-normativity in living systems - what might be the appropriate semiotic concepts for a biosemiotic theory and how to design them?)

Other (or past) interests

Philosophy of biology; Evolutionary epistemology; Natural classification(s) of Sciences; Classical pragmatism; Metaphilosophy; Systems theory and cybernetics: autopoiesis, control systems, complexity, emergence and self-organization; Constructivism; Semiology and deconstruction (Saussure and Derrida); Relation of formal and real systems; Societal legitimation of scientific research; Relation of knowledge and power, Mathematical logic 


Tuntiopettaja/part-time teacher,
koordinaattori/co-ordinator in

- Finnish doctoral training network in philosophy 

- Tieteen termipankki (filosofia, semiotiikka) 


Philosophy, semiotics