Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Philosophy


The aim of the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy is to familiarize students thoroughly with Philosophy, in particular with the subject of their independent dissertation, which also gives them experience in conducting research in their field. At Tampere University, the current fields of expertise are the research of human reason (including knowledge, science, mind and language), social and political philosophy, metaphysics (including social ontology), research ethics as well as history of philosophy from early modern and modern philosophy till twentieth century traditions.

At the moment, dissertations are done in various fields of philosophy such as philosophy of language, logic and artificial intelligence, metaphysics, social ontology, political and social philosophy and the history of early modern and modern philosophy.

Creating national and international networks and making use of them in research practices is an important part of the postdoctoral education in philosophy. The doctoral programme in Philosophy – which has close national and international connections – ensures that its graduates are equipped with sufficient general working life skills and that they can work in co-operation with other disciplines as well as are capable of conducting high-quality research in philosophy and providing instruction on the basis of their research. Graduates from this programme are employed in research, teaching, public relations and the publishing sector, and as experts required to conceive broad contexts (e.g. as specialists in science administration).