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Multilingual communication and translation studies

The Master’s Programme in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies, also known as Moviko, trains versatile communication experts who are broadly equipped for both domestic and international job positions, and have a firm foundation for academic postgraduate studies. In addition to being translators and interpreters, our graduates also work in, for example, the central government, EU institutions, and in various international commerce and communication positions in the private sector. Many go on to start their own language service company, and the programme also provides skills for working as a freelancer.
In Moviko, you can study translation and interpreting in the following language pairs: Finnish–English, Finnish–Swedish, Finnish–German, and Finnish–Russian. Many of our courses are common to all language pairs, thus providing excellent opportunities for networking during your studies.

Being an expert in multilingual communication includes much more than translating and interpreting. It also covers areas such as specialised subject fields, text types and discourse, ethics, strategy, presenting skills, project management and entrepreneurship.

The task of an expert in multilingual communication is, above all, to make the world easier to understand for all of us. This is not limited to just overcoming language barriers, but also includes promoting clear and user-centered communication in general. In Moviko, we acknowledge the importance of accessibility, which is reflected in research as well as in the way studies are structured and conducted.

Translation studies is a multidisciplinary, dynamic field that opens fascinating and even unexpected possibilities in multiple directions. In Moviko, we conduct innovative research that spans a wide spectrum of topics from comics to legal texts and from machine translation to ethics in interpreting.