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About me

I have been working at the Tampere University since 1999. In the years 1999-2003 I worked at the Department of Translation Studies on different teaching and research positions. In 2003 I was appointed as a senior lecturer of Russian language and Translation Studies. In 2008-13 I worked as an acting professor. I was appointed as a professor of translation studies (working languages Russian and Finnish) 1.1.2014.

I am doing research in the fields of corpus linguistics and corpus-based translation studies, translation technologies, contrastive linguistics and terminology

Research career

1986, M.A., Moscow State University (MGU), Philological faculty, major: Russian as a foreign language

1993, kandidat nauk (General linguistics), Moscow Linguistic University (MGLU)

2003, Ph.D. (Russian Translation Studies), University of Tampere

2008, title of Docent (Russian Language and Culture, in particular corpus linguistics), University of Jyväskylä

Selected publications

Mikhailov, Mikhail. (2022). Text corpora, professional translators and translator training. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 16:2, 224-246.

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