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STUE – Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments (PROFI6)

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Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments (STUE) is a multidisciplinary research community and Tampere University’s profiling area. STUE creates solutions for sustainable urban change through research, new concepts, and community involvement. STUE supports multidisciplinary research and fosters opportunities for collaboration between researchers and the public sector, civil society, communities, and businesses.

The sustainability of future societies culminates in cities. Cities are the powerhouses of the world’s economy and cultural life. To enable sustainable urban development, the institutional practices, organisational culture, technological solutions, infrastructures, and lifestyles in cities must transform. It is crucial to act now as we are already surrounded by climate change, loss of biodiversity, demographic changes, diseases, and local and global inequality, but still have the opportunity to tackle and restore them. Sustainable transformation calls for cutting-edge, practice-based multidisciplinary research.

Urban environments are understood comprehensively in STUE, including social, natural, business, and physical infrastructures. The research focuses on three interconnected areas:

  • inclusive communities and practice-based politics
  • urban environments for health and well-being
  • resilient infrastructures and business

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STUE is funded by the Academy of Finland’s PROFI6 funding instrument.


Tutkimuskoordinaattori Alisa Vänttinen, alisa.vanttinen [at] tuni.fi