Degree programme



Versatile profession in health care and wellbeing

Nursing is about supporting people’s health and wellbeing throughout their lives. The professional nurse’s role is to protect, promote, and enhance the health of individuals, families and communities to improve their quality of life.

Our Degree Programme in Nursing educates internationally oriented professionals for the field of health care. The studies will provide you with the skills needed in varied health care settings. During the programme, the latest research and evidence-based nursing practices will be integrated with hands-on professional skills.

As the studies proceed, you will focus on medical-surgical nursing preparing you for a nursing career in acute and long-term health care, social welfare organisations, international positions or as an entrepreneur.

The curriculum is based on EU directives and the qualification complies with the European standards. As a Bachelor of Health Care, you will have many further educational opportunities in Finland and abroad.

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Degree earned

Bachelor of Health Care


Bachelor's degree (University of Applied Sciences)

Planned duration

3.5 years

Extent of studies

210 ECTS credits




TAMK Main Campus

Form of learning

Daytime teaching

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

9 800 €

Study objectives

The aim of the degree programme is to educate students to become nurses (RN) for the field of health care. Nurses protect, promote, and enhance the health of individuals, families and communities, thus improving the quality of life. The prevention of illness and injury as well as the alleviation of suffering are core parts of nursing. Nurses are able to support people in health and wellbeing promotion, maintenance of health, and care for the ill in a holistic way throughout the life span.

The nurse is an expert who carries out and develops nursing independently and in multidisciplinary teams. The studies provide students with the skills needed in varied health care settings. During the programme, the latest research and evidence-based nursing practice will be integrated in to professional skills. The curriculum is based on EU directives so qualification fulfils the European standards.

More about the language of instruction

Theoretical studies are in English. Finnish language is used in clinical training.

Study contents

Studies are divided into three stages: initial, middle, and advanced. Initial stage studies consist of modules Theoretical Basics of Nursing, The Basics of Competence in Professional Nursing, and Basics of Pharmacotherapy and Fluid Therapy.

Middle stage studies include modules Outpatient Health Care and Gerontological Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical and Perioperative Nursing, Women, Families and Children as Nursing Clients, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing.

Advanced professional studies consist of theory courses Nursing of Chronic Diseases and Acute Care Nursing, and clinical trainings.

More than one third of the studies are supervised clinical trainings in various simulated and authentic health care environments. Language studies consist of academic English, and occupational Finnish or Swedish depending on the student's educational background. Modules Development and Administration of Nursing, and Project Studies will stretch from initial stage studies to advanced professional studies.

The university collaboration enables TAMK students to choose five credits of elective studies from the courses provided by Tampere University besides courses available throughout the network of universities of applied sciences.

Choosing a field of specialisation

The Degree Programme in Nursing's advanced studies will focus on medical-surgical nursing, preparing students for a nursing career in acute and long-term health care facilities, social welfare organisations, and international positions in the field or as an entrepreneur.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee of the programme is 9 800 euros per academic year for non-EU/EEA students with a scholarship system for fee-paying students. For more information, please see Tuition Fees and Scholarships.

Structure of studies

The extent of the degree programme is 210 ECTS credits and it takes three and half years to complete. Full time studies begin in August 2019. Studies are divided into three stages: initial, middle, and advanced. The initial stage is completed during the first year. The middle stage starts at the end of the first year and lasts for three full semesters. During the final academic year there will be 30 credits of advanced studies.

  • Initial, middle stage, advanced nursing studies (109 credits)
  • Supervised Clinical Training (75 credits)
  • Bachelor's Thesis (15 credits)
  • Language skills (6 credits)
  • Elective Studies (5 credits)

Final project

The aim of the Bachelor's thesis (15 credits) is to develop and demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and expertise to a task pertaining to your professional studies. The task undertaken has to conform to the needs of working life, and develop professional practices, knowledge and skills. Students will be able to use evidence-based knowledge and must follow ethical research principles in their bachelor's thesis.

Career opportunities

Nurses work in all different sectors and levels of health care in Finland. Medical-surgical field of nursing is vast, covering acute and long-term health care facilities, social welfare organisations, and international positions in the field or as an entrepreneur.


Bachelor of Health Care


During the second or third academic year, it is  possible to apply to do one or two clinical trainings abroad in one of about 40 partner universities' clinical environments all around the world. The period abroad can also include project studies. Other means of guaranteeing a truly international and multicultural study experience are to immerse yourself in language studies, peer tutoring for other international students, friend-family activities and international projects and themed weeks.

The curriculum is based on EU directives so qualification is in accordance with European standards, thus enabling applying registration in European countries outside Finland after the graduation.

Co-operation with other parties

The degree programme has many national and international co-operation partners, including universities, hospitals, municipalities, health care communities, institutions and NGO's. Orientations to clinical training take place in the Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation, which is a joint effort of Tampere Universities and Pirkanmaa Hospital District (PSHP) to train students and staff together. The studies include clinical training in different levels of health care sector in several placements in Finland and abroad, if chosen. Project studies are done in cooperation with organisations and communities. During the studies you can take part in multidisciplinary projects.

As a degree student of TAMK, you have the possibility, when enrolled as present, to select studies also from the curriculum of Tampere University to include in your degree within the framework of your study plan. With these cross-institutional studies and shared projects you can create a personalised study portfolio with extended knowledge and skills. As a student of TAMK, a national study portal provided by the Finnish universities of applied sciences is also open for you.

Postgraduate study opportunities

The Bachelor of Health Care degree gives you eligibility for Master's programmes in Finland and abroad. In Finland further education can be for example in the fields of Health Care Management, Public Health or Nursing Science.

Bachelor's Degree Programme, Nursing

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility for the degree programme is given by the general eligibility for bachelor’s degrees in universities of applied sciences in Finland. 

For further information see the Studyinfo website Who can apply.

Applying to study in the field of Health Care and Social Services

Those applying to study in the field of Health Care and Social Services must have a state of health and functional capacity on a sufficient level to be capable of completing practical assignments and work placement periods as part of the studies. Information about health requirements in this field is available on UAS websites and on the ( service.

Those applying to the field should bear in mind that:

  • studying and working in a profession in this field require good mental balance;
  • the field is not suitable for illegal drug users or for alcohol or legal drug abusers;
  • conditions such as musculoskeletal diseases, chronic skin diseases, allergies and mental health disorders may lead to health issues during studies or later on in working life;
  • a blood-borne disease may restrict the progress of studies and employment;
  • several operational units of social and health care treat patients that are vulnerable to infections, and working in those units requires that the staff’s immunisations are up-to-date.

Applicants are required to provide information concerning their health status and functional capacity to assess admission at the request of TAMK, as well as information on any possible prior decision on cancellation of their study entitlement.

Students are required to produce an extract from criminal records at the request of TAMK if working with minors forms an essential part of the tasks assigned to them during their studies or work placement periods that are part of their studies.

Universities of applied sciences are entitled to require a student to produce a certificate of a drugs test if there is any reason to suspect that the student is under the influence of drugs during practical assignments or during a work placement that is part of their studies, or that the student is addicted to drugs.

TAMK may cancel admission for the following reasons:

  • applicant fails to submit certificates by the deadline specified by the university of applied sciences
  • applicant has provided false information about his or her grades
  • it is obvious that the student, in terms of his or her health status and functional capacity, does not meet the admissions criteria (Polytechnics Act 932/2014)
  • applicant has concealed the cancellation of his or her prior study entitlement (Polytechnics Act 932/2014).

Language skill requirements

When applying to TAMK's Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing you must have at least skills level B1 in Finnish language (link to the Common European Framework of reference for languages).

Only those eligible applicant who have informed in their applications that they have the above skills in Finnish language will be invited to the entrance examination. It is not necessary to send any documentary evidence of the Finnish language skills but the Finnish language skills will be tested in the entrance examination.

Sufficient English language skills are also required for degree programmes conducted in English. English language skills will be evaluated as part of the entrance exam. 

Admission procedure

Study places


Study Places

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing


Applicants are ranked and admitted based on the entrance exam points

Entrance exam

The entrance exam for the Degree Programme in Nursing is arranged in Finland in April 2019.

All eligible applicants, whose Finnish language skills are at least level B1, are invited to the examination. Invitations to the examination are sent to the e-mail address given in the application form. 

Please look for more information about the entrance exam under the section Entrance examination.

Selection between applicants with equal points

If two or more applicants earn the same points, they will be ranked on the order of preference

If the admission points are still at a tie after ranking applicants based on the above-mentioned criteria, the application system will automatically draw the order.

Entrance exam

The entrance examination will take place in April 2019. The exact date will be published before the application period begins. The exam is arranged only in Finland. It is not possible to change the exam venue or time. Previous years' entrance examinations are not available. There is no pre-reading material for the exam.

The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation and social, learning and work skills.

Entrance exam invitations

All eligible applicants who have the required Finnish language skills (at least level B1) will be invited to the entrance examination (phase 1). It is not necessary to send any documentary evidence of the Finnish language skills but the Finnish language skills will be tested in the entrance examination. The invitations will be sent via e-mail at the end of February. 

The entrance exam invitations of phase 2 will be sent via e-mail day or two prior to the exam phase 2. Only 50 best qualified of those passing all parts of phase 1 are invited to the phase 2.

Entrance exam structure

Student selection will be carried out using the entrance examination only. SAT scores or other exams will not be considered. The entrance examination is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 

Exam part

Exam type

Additional information


Written exam

Based on material given at the beginning of the exam


English language test

Compulsory for all

1 c

Finnish language test

Compulsory for all

Phase 2 

Applicants will be placed in a ranking order based on the results of phase 1. All parts of phase 1 (written exam, Finnish language skills test, English language skills test) must be passed in order to be considered for phase 2. Only 50 best applicants will be invited to the entrance examination part 2.

Exam part

Exam type

Additional information


Aptitude test

Only for those who have passed all parts of the phase 1 (1a, 1b and 1c).

All parts of the entrance examination (1a, 1b, 1c and 2) must be completed in an acceptable level in order to get admitted. The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation and social, learning and work skills. Those admitted to the programme are required to have a suitable health status for the field. 

Entrance exam evaluation

  • Written exam and aptitude test: 0-70 points, minimum 30 points (exam parts 1a + 2)
  • Interview: evaluation pass or fail (included in the aptitude the in exam part 2)
  • English language test: evaluation pass or fail (exam part 1b)
  • Finnish language test: evaluation pass or fail (exam part 1 c)

The entrance examination will be arranged in Finland only. It is not possible to change the exam venue or time. 

Entrance exam cooperation

TAMK's degree programme in Nursing co-operates with Laurea's and Metropolia's degree programmes in Nursing (and Laurea's Social Services). These three degree programmes have a joint entrance examination. Applicants will be invited only to one entrance examination, either to TAMK, Laurea or Metropolia depending on which one is the highest option. Results of the entrance examination will be considered in all three degree programmes. The entrance examination is compulsory for all applicants and it cannot be compensated with any other exam.

Special arrangements for entrance exam

If you have special needs which should be taken into account when arranging your online interview/entrance exam, please fill in the application form and deliver it with the other required enclosures to TAMK Admissions Office by 30 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time). 

You need to describe your special needs and the grounds for special arrangements in the application. Please enclose any relevant copies (e.g. medical certificate). 

Application form 

If you do not deliver the application in time, TAMK has no responsibility to make any special arrangements. If the need for special arrangements arises or is discovered between the end of the application period (23 January 2019) and the online interview/entrance exam, you must deliver the special arrangement application without delay to TAMK Admissions Office. 

The special arrangement decision only applies to one application round. 

How to apply

Application step-by-step

  • Check your eligibility for the degree programme of your choice.
  • Apply via portal during 9 - 23 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time).  
  • Upload requested attachments to your application form
  • Take part in the entrance exam.
  • Accept the offered study place.
  • Join the TAMK community!

Online application

The electronic application form is available during the application period 9 - 23 January 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) in the Finnish national application portal

Note that your e-mail address is only valid for filling out one application. You cannot fill out additional applications with one e-mail address.

Please note that the order of preference is binding and it cannot be changed after the application period ends. You can be admitted only one study place. The application system will offer a study place which is highest on your order of preference, and to which you have received enough admission points in order to be admitted.

Order of preference and scholarships

You may apply to other universities or UAS's in Finland in the joint application. Please note that you must mark the order of preference on your application, and the order is binding. This means that you cannot accept a place from your third choice if you are accepted to your first or second choice.

Non-EU/EEA citizens: If you wish to qualify for the Early Bird -scholarship at TAMK, you must have TAMK as your first choice and you must accept the offered study place within 7 days from the time that student selection results are published.


Application documents

A degree completed outside of Finland
You have to upload the required certificate copies to your application form by 30 January 2019 at 15:00 Finnish time at the latest. If your original degree certificate is in other language than Finnish, Swedish or English, you also have to upload a copy of its' certified translation. The translation has to be in Finnish, Swedish or English and it has to include the translator’s signature and stamp.

International matriculation examination (IB, EB, RP/DIA)
You have to upload diploma and the official translation (RP/DIA) copies to your application form by 30 January 2019 at 15:00 Finnish time at the latest.

Finnish matriculation examination prior to 1990
You have to upload matriculation examination certificate to your application form by 30 January 2019 at 15:00 Finnish time at the latest.

Graduates of spring 2019
You have to upload to your application form a stamped and signed document from your school stating that you are graduating by the end of the academic year by 30 January 2019 at 15.00 Finnish time at the latest. If you are applying with IB diploma and graduating during the academic year 2018-2019, submit a Predicted Grades or equivalent by 10 April 2019 at 15:00 Finnish time at the latest to the highest study option's UAS' Admissions Office.

If you are applying with other than abovementioned degree, you don’t have to send certificate copies during the application period. 
The certificate copies are checked from those who are accepted as students and the copies have to be sent by 8 July 2019. If applying with international matriculation examination and graduating during the spring term 2019, you have to deliver the final diploma copies (Transcript of Grades for those completing IB diploma) by 12 July 2019.

Document proving exemption of tuition fee

All applicants must upload to their application form a copy of one of the following documents to establish their citizenship and/or residence status. This pertains to the legislation on tuition fees for those accepted students who are not citizens of countries of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland or holders of certain residence status in Finland. In case you hold a residence permit, upload that copy instead of passport copy, as it will also exempt you from payment of tuition fees.

You must upload the copy to your application form by 30 January 2019 at 15.00 Finnish time at the latest.

All submitted documents must be ones carrying a photograph, so they can also be used to establish identity. The copy must be fully legible and the photo must be identifiable.

Indicate which document you are referring to:

  • Passport ID page or ID card of EU/EEA/Switzerland which states citizenship
  • Passport ID page (all other citizenships)
  • EU Blue Card
  • EU Family Member's Residence Card in Finland
  • Type A permit (continuous residence permit in Finland)
  • Type P permit (permanent residence permit in Finland)
  • Type P-EU permit (EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence in Finland)

TAMK's Bachelor degree: school certificate copies of admitted applicants

All admitted applicants (regardless of the country of the educational background) have to send the school certificate copies to TAMK Admissions Office by 8 July 2019 at 15.00 Finnish time at the latest.

This does not concern academic year 2018-2019 graduates, whose final diploma cannot be submitted by the given deadline. These applicants can be given an another deadline by request. However,  academic year 2018-2019 graduates have to submit a document from the educational institution/instant in question stating that the applicant has graduated/passed the final exams by 8 July 2019 at 15.00 Finnish time at the latest. Student selection is conditional until TAMK has checked the admitted students’ original final school certificates. TAMK may withdraw the admission if you do not deliver the certificates by the deadline or if you have given false information.

If your original degree certificate is in other language than Finnish, Swedish or English, you also have to send a copy of its' certified translation. The translation has to be in Finnish, Swedish or English and it has to include the translator’s signature and stamp.

Admission results and appeals


Results for August 2019 intake will be published on 7 May 2019 at the earliest and on 28 June 2019 at the latest. 

All applicants

  • See their results by logging in to portal
  • Receive an e-mail/a letter stating their result and points 
  • Admitted applicants receive also a notice of admittance by e-mail

Confirm the offered study place in time

Admitted applicants must confirm their study place by 8 July 2019 (3 pm Finnish time) at the latest by logging into portal. If the confirmation has not been done by the set date and time, the applicant will lose the offered study place.

Non-EU/EEA students: To qualify for the Early Bird -scholarship you must have TAMK as your first choice institution in Finland and accept the offered study place within 7 days!

Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled.

If you are later admitted from the waiting list, you have 10 days of time to confirm your study place. Please read your e-mail regularly in order to receive the possible admittance e-mail in time. The final day of admittance is 31 July 2018.

Original certificates

The original certificates will be checked at the beginning of the studies. Student admission is conditional until TAMK has checked the admitted students' original school certificates at the beginning of the studies.

Original certificate delivery instructions are given in the admission letter. TAMK may withdraw the admission if you do not deliver the original certificates by the set date or if you have given false information.

One study place

You can only accept one study place among Bachelor's/Master's degrees in Finland starting during the same academic semester (1 Aug-31 Dec/1 Jan-31 Jul). Although you register as absent or quit your studies, you cannot accept another study place during the same academic semester.

Applicants who are accepted to the degree programme which they placed in highest place in the order of preference on the application form, cannot anymore at confirmation stage choose a study place from lower preference options. 

This is a national policy to ensure that as many applicants as possible get a new study place annually.

Enroll for studies

When accepting the study place, you have to also register as present or absent to your studies at TAMK in portal.

According to Finnish legislations, first-year student may register as absent for the first academic year for the following reasons only:

  1. Finnish military service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service (194/1995);
  2. maternity, paternity or parental leave;
  3. the student cannot begin studies due to being incapacitated by personal illness or injury.

If you register as absent, you must prove the legal grounds for your absence. TAMK requires you to present these documents by 8 July 2019 (3 pm Finnish time). Documents must be delivered to TAMK Admissions Office.

If you register as absent in your first academic year, but fail to deliver sufficient clarification regarding the grounds for your absence within the deadline, you will lose your right to study.


If you believe that there has been a mistake in the student selection or the set admission criteria have not been applied correctly, you can submit a written request for rectification of the student selection decision addressed to TAMK Board of Examiners within 14 days after the student selection results have been published.

Always check the admission criteria of the programme first and contact to TAMK Admissions Office before writing the request. If the issue cannot be solved by the admissions officials, you are advised to submit a written request for rectification.

Form and content of request for an administrative review:

The document requesting an administrative review shall indicate the particular decision for which the review is requested, the amendment that is being sought in the review requested and the grounds for requesting the review. (Administrative Procedure Act, Section 49d)

Contact information

TAMK Admissions Office

E-mail: admissions.tamk(at)
Telephone: +358 3 245 2395