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Tampere University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

TAMK offers scholarship options for all students who are subject to tuition fees. The TAMK system is cohort-based, giving each new student the ability to predict and influence their own costs throughout their studies. Any changes made to the system will only be applied to previously enrolled cohorts, if it is beneficial to the students in question.

TAMK tuition fees

Bachelor's degrees     9 800 € per academic year

Master's degrees      10 800 € per academic year

Scholarship waivers

All scholarships are awarded as waivers or discounts from payable amounts. No need to wait for reibursement afterwards.

Scholarship waivers are awarded based on study success or pre-payment of full annual amount (Master's degrees)

TAMK Pääkampus

Bachelor's degrees - Early Bird

Upon student selection, when receiving a Conditional Offer Letter from TAMK, you will also receive information on how to get the Early Bird scholarship waiver.

In a nutshell - if you accept our study place offer within 7 days (pay the 1st installment of your first year tuition fee), you will automatically be awarded a 50% scholarship waiver to cover the 2nd installment.

Bachelor's degrees - Academic Award from 2021 onwards

All Bachelor's degree students who reach 60 credits / academic year are issued a 25% scholarship waiver.

  • Credits must be completed in the previous academic year (1 August - 31 July)
  • Credits must be in the study registry by the credits check on 15 August

Students who wish to receive the higher 50% scholarship waiver, must reach the 60 credit / academic year limit AND submit a Finnish language test (YKI) result by 15 August. 

Language study support:   TAMK course offer  /  TAU course offer  /  Outside providers

Master's degrees

Newly admitted students who choose to pay the full year fee in one go, are issued an Early Bird discount of -1 500€.

Those that continue on to year 2 have the following limits for their Academic Award scholarship waivers:

  • 60 cr / year = 50 % scholarship waiver
  • 45 cr / year = 25 % scholarship waiver