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A new Master’s Programme of Community Work and Multicultural Development started at TAMK

Published on 20.9.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Minna Niemi standing outside of TAMK.
Minna Niemi says that the students of the programme also gain strong competence in project implementation and management.
TAMK has recently started a new Master’s Programme of Community Work and Multicultural Development. The flexible online studying programme offers the students the possibility of part-time or full-time studying anywhere in the world. The first pilot group consists of students from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Cross-scientific degree

The two year programme of blended learning leads to a degree of Master of Social Services. The degree can also be completed in a shorter period such as 1,5 year.

The degree has been designed for students who want to strengthen their abilities to develop and manage social and health care services as well as educational organisations. The programme combines theories and practices of multicultural work, sustainable development and community work. Students also gain strong competence in project implementation and management.

Minna Niemi, Principal Lecturer of Social Services and Health Care at TAMK, says that what makes this Master’s Programme special is that students deepen their knowledge of multiculturalism and community work within the framework of sustainable development, equality and eco-social work.

“The programme strengthens the educational basis and development of Finnish community work based on international scientific discussions and practical experiences”, Niemi adds.


Attractive study programme

Students that started in the programme value the flexible studies, since it allows them the freedom to study when it suits their schedule. They have also found the content of the studies attractive, especially the eco-social work, which is a big element in this degree.

Päivi Kelemen, degree student, says that the reason why she chose this programme was because the studies are independent, online and flexible. For her the flexible studies suit well because she works fulltime.

“I believe that studying the community work will increase one's choices and employability. These studies will open for me more new opportunities and challenges” Päivi emphasises.

The student Caroline Malhotra chose the degree because she was interested in community work.

“In my opinion the strengthening of community work is essential to create better, healthier and more sustainable societies”, Caroline says.

Students sitting around the table.
Students are looking forward the studies.

Future expectations

Minna Niemi believes, that together with the students, teachers and guest lecturers who participate in the programme, the master's level education in community work and multicultural development will be strengthened. She hopes that the results of the pilot programme reach both Finnish and international community work fields.

The students have similar expectations for their future studies. They hope to gain a lot of inspiration and innovative ideas, which they can use in their career. 

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Text: Riikka Mölkänen

Pictures: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila