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TAMK application documents

Check the complete list of required documents from the degree programme’s admission criteria (in Submit all required documents as attachments to your application in Studyinfo. You can access your application via link on the application confirmation email.

How to prepare the documents

  • Scan the full document, e.g. all pages with text or take legible and good quality photos. Make sure that the full document is visible.
  • One document has a maximum size of 1GB. Load all documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format.
  • If you are asked to submit a video, submit the file (mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, m4v, vob) on the application. Links to other services or platforms will not be accepted.
  • Please note that Studyinfo may change the document format into .qt format. QT files will open normally for verification, so no need to reload if this happens.
  • Combine files of the same document, e.g. your degree or diploma should all be in one document of several pages.
  • Name the documents as the examples below:
    • lastname(s) firstname diploma.pdf/jpg/png
    • lastname(s) firstname transcript.pdf/jpg/png
    • lastname(s) firstname translations.pdf/jpg/png
    • lastname(s) firstname work certificate.pdf/jpg/png
    • lastname(s) firstname CV.pdf/jpg/png
    • lastname(s) firstname citizenship.pdf/jpg/png

How to establish your citizenship and/or residence status

All applicants must send a copy of one of the following documents to establish their citizenship and/or residence status. This pertains to the legislation on tuition fees for those accepted students who are not citizens of countries of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland or holders of certain residence status in Finland. For non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: In case you hold a residence permit, send that copy instead of a passport copy, as it will also exempt you from payment of tuition fees *) . All submitted documents must be ones carrying a photograph, so they can also be used to establish identity. The copy must be fully legible and the photo must be identifiable. Submit at least one of the following:

  • Passport ID page or ID card of EU/EEA/Switzerland which states citizenship
  • Passport ID page (all other citizenships)
  • EU Blue Card
  • EU Family Member's Residence Card in Finland
  • Type A permit (continuous residence permit in Finland) granted for reasons other than studies
  • Type P permit (permanent residence permit in Finland)
  • Type P-EU permit (EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence in Finland)

*) Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences make the decision whether you are required to pay fees or not based only on the Finnish Immigration Service’s residence permit decision, which is checked from the copy of your residence permit card attached to your application documents. If you have applied for residence permit but have not received the decision by the date when the tuition fee is due, you will be considered a fee-paying student and have to pay the required fees. Residence permits must be valid on and beyond 1 August of the year admission (degrees starting in the Autumn) or on and beyond 1 January of the year of admission (degrees starting in January).

Notice the deadline

Load all documents well before the deadline of when the form closes. Last 12 hours can be critical and uploads may have significant delays or be interrupted.

Please keep an eye on your email in the following days after submission deadline. TAMK Admissions may ask you to supplement any documents you have uploaded. Separate email submission instructions will be given if the application form has closed.

Late submissions will not be considered.