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50 students from abroad will start their studies in two new Nursing programmes at TAMK

Published on 3.2.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Group of Nursing students outside.
Nursing students started their study journey at TAMK.
TAMK has launched two new degree programmes in Nursing in the spring semester 2022. Both programmes take place on TAMK’s main campus and will welcome 50 new international students from different countries including the Philippines, Thailand and Kenya.

Two programmes for students with different backgrounds

TAMK offers commissioned degree programs as part of the educational services, which focus on non-EU student groups. The programmes are customized and planned in collaboration with the global partners.

In spring semester 2022, TAMK has launched two new commissioned degree programmes in Nursing: Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing (210 ects) and Top-up Nursing Programme (90 ects).

Students of Degree Programme in Nursing will study three and half years at TAMK and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. The Top-up Nursing Programme is customized for registered and experienced nurses in their home country, who are interested to learn more about nursing in Finland and Finnish language with a goal of entering the Finnish healthcare job market. The duration of the Top-up Nursing Programme varies between 1-1,5 years, depending on what is the study background of the student.

“TAMK’s strategy is strongly focusing on internationalization. Working with international commissioned degree programmes is a new way of working at TAMK," says Carita Prokki, Director of Internationalization and Business Operations at TAMK.

Start of the study journey has been smooth

The beginning of the study journey has been an easy process. The students had started their preparations early on and received support from TAMK for example in issues related to the packing checklist and residence permit applications. Up until now, five students are still on their way of arriving to Finland. Those students who have already arrived, have a two-week orientation period and will start their studies soon.

The students receive help daily from their tutor teachers, TREE Global Education, social counsellor and Tamko student tutors. The comprehensive support includes study related matters and practical matters ranging from population registration to leisure activities in Finland. Some students have already started to learn Finnish language before their arrival and some of them have already got a part-time job in Tampere.

According to Krista Merikoski, International Coordinator of Africa and Europe at TAMK, the first impression of the students has been positive and cheerful. There has been a big contrast in the climate of what the students are used to, coming from conditions of +31 Celsius at home to a snowy winter wonderland at Tampere.

An answer to the nursing shortage

After graduation the students will be eligible to work as registered nurses in Finland. This could respond to the current shortage of nursing staff in Finland. The impact of these type of programmes is multidimensional to the whole society.

"We must create new paths to the Finnish work force and the education of nurses is definitely one very acute and important question to all. We have big hopes and are looking forward to great impact and new insights," Prokki points out.


More information:

Dr. Carita Prokki, carita.prokki [at] (carita[dot]prokki[at]tuni[dot]fi), +358407335650


Text: Stella Xu

Picture: Henniina Ylitalo