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International Business Management

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Expand your future and become an expert in international business management

This Master’s degree programme focuses on state-of-the-art skills and concepts needed in the challenging field of international business.


Master's degree (UAS)

Degree earned

Master of Business Administration

Planned duration

1.5 years (- 2.5 years blended learning)

Extent of studies

90 ETCS credits



Form of learning

Full-time studies
Part-time studies

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

12000 € per academic year

Link to scholarship programme

NB! This programme requires chosen students to re-locate to Finland, as the structure contains regular attendance on campus! 

NB! Submit a pre-task assignment with your application! Pre-task assignments will be published by 30 Nov 2023 here.

This mid-career Master’s degree requires 2 years (24 months) of documented work experience after Bachelor’s.

With your Master’s degree in International Business Management from TAMK, you will have the skills needed to work independently as well as an active member, leader or manager in various organizations. The program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a competent specialist in a wide range of crucial areas. You will develop expertise in building robust international networks, mastering effective communication strategies, spearheading transformative change management initiatives, cultivating empowering leadership qualities, and enhancing your strategic thinking abilities. This comprehensive study programme not only prepares you for the challenges of today's dynamic global business landscape but also positions you as a dynamic leader capable of driving innovation and growth in professional settings.

As a business professional, you will encounter a multitude of fresh demands and challenges in today's multicultural business landscapes. This master’s degree program is designed to empower graduates with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively navigate and lead international business operations. Throughout your studies, a significant emphasis is placed on the planning, management, and execution of global business operations within complex and dynamic international environments. The program equips you with the ability to seamlessly integrate theoretical concepts with real-world applications in the field of international business management.

The flexibility of a blended learning approach allows you to complete the degree program in 1.5 years and to balance your studies with your professional commitments. Contact days at the campus are typically arranged twice a month, scheduled for Thursday afternoons/evenings and Friday full days. In addition, the programme incorporates a diverse range of collaborative learning activities within smaller international study teams.

The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management has a double degree agreement with Hochschule Worms in Germany. Limited seats are available for the second semester (30 ECTS) to be spent in the Global Trade Management Masters Programme at the German partner institution Hochschule Worms. Students interested in the double degree will be selected after the orientation at the start of the studies.

The master thesis in IBM is written in English, adhering to the language requirements set by the academic institution. The use of English as the primary language in the thesis ensures accessibility and comprehension for a wider international audience.

Need more information?

You can find all the information on course content, structure of studies and the actual application form in Studyinfo (link below). Please read through carefully before sending in questions. If - however - you have questions regarding the application process, please contact TAMK Admissions: admissions.tamk(at) For questions regarding the content or structure of the programme, please contact Mr. Sven Rassl, sven.rassl(at)