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International Business Management


Expand your future and become an expert in international business management

This Master’s degree programme focuses on state-of-the-art skills and concepts needed in the challenging field of international business. The programme offers two distinct specializations:
1. International Business Management
2. Growth Makers

This mid-career Master’s degree requires 2 years (24 months) of work experience after Bachelor’s.

With your Master’s degree from TAMK, you will have the skills needed to work independently as well as an active member, leader or manager in organisations. You are a trained expert in building international networks and taking into account various aspects of cultural differences, communication, change management, leadership and strategic thinking.

International Business Management:

As a business professional, you will face new demands and challenges in multicultural environments. This Master’s degree programme enables the graduates to manage and lead international business operations successfully. Planning, managing and executing international operations in challenging business environments are in a major role in your studies. You will learn how to apply theory into practical cases of international business management. The degree programme can be completed within 1.5 years alongside work as blended learning.


The GrowthMakers programme includes training, real-life project work and international experiences that will provide students with an understanding of what is necessary to scale and grow in an increasingly global market. The students will be prepared to transfer their knowledge to both startups as well as existing companies, bringing success not only to the students as individuals but also to their businesses. This unique specialization offers the possibility to acquire tools for growing a business, while studying for a masters degree. The degree programme can be completed within 1.5 years alongside work as blended learning.

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