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Students’ team from TAMK made it to global social business case competition finals

Published on 10.11.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
TAMK Creative Shock team 2022Dora Consulting team with Rasmus Täyrönen, Davis Heinrihsons, Alina Rauhala and Onur Polat are proud to represent TAMK in an international business case competition in Lithuania. Photo: Mari Rytisalo
Business students’ team from Business Case Consulting Training module made it to the finals and will represent Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Creative Shock – International business case competition of ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania.

In total, 88 student teams from all around the world took part in Creative Shock. It is an annual business case competition for students where they solve real life business, marketing and PR problems for social enterprises and organizations. 

Four teams from the Business Case Consulting Training of TAMK participated in the preliminary stage as part of the training. They were challenged to apply all their theory in developing winning strategies for two exciting social businesses. These two primary cases required both financial know-how and analytical skills as well as a creative mindset. 

Dora Consulting team with Rasmus Täyrönen, Alina Rauhala, Davis Heinrihsons and Onur Polat progressed to the finals and will be representing TAMK and Tampere Business Case Club in Vilnius, Lithuania on 24-27 November with nine other teams from around world for the first prize of 2500 euros. 

"We are feeling a little nervous but at the same time looking forward to new experiences and new people to connect with. Business case training has developed our competencies and we will do extra training before the finals. Whatever the result will be, we are proud to represent TAMK in an international case competition,” comments Rasmus Täyrönen on behalf of the finalists' team.

The team coach of the Business Case Consulting Training and the head coordinator of Tampere Business Case Club, Mari Rytisalo, is equally proud to send the team off to the final competition.

“This is an amazing result after two months of training with the teams. The students have fine-tuned their knowledge and developed their analytical and presentation skills with knowledge sharing and practice cases. Being in the top 10 with some of the best business schools in the world is already a win, nevertheless the team will go to the finals definitely with an ambitious mindset.”