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Application documents

There are seven (7) Tampere University general application attachments. Some programmes have also listed additional, programme-specific attachments. During the application period, you are only required to upload scans of the original educational documents to the application form. You do not need to send certified copies of documents at this time. However, please be advised that all attachment requests on the application form are mandatory and applications will not proceed for academic evaluation if all the required documentation is not complete.

Instructions for naming and uploading the documents

Scan the documents as a high-quality PDF-file. Do not take photos as the quality may not be sufficient for processing the documents. Do not make any additional markings on the documents.

Scan both sides of all document pages containing any text (serial numbers, stamps, etc.). Remember to check the scanned file to see that everything on the original document is legible on the scan.

All documents that are in the same category (e.g. the degree certificate or transcript of records) should be combined into ONE (1) file. Do not make a separate file for each page.

Name the documents as follows:

  • Degree certificate: lastname firstname degree certificate.pdf
  • Transcript of records: lastname firstname transcript.pdf
  • Language test results: lastname firstname language test.pdf
  • Motivation letter: lastname firstname motivation letter.pdf
  • CV/Résumé: lastname firstname CV.pdf
  • Copy of your passport: lastname firstname passport.pdf
  • Copy of your residence permit: lastname firstname residence permit.pdf

If the master’s programme requires any programme-specific attachments, name the documents using the same pattern.

Instructions for applicants in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree

You can apply in the final year of your bachelor’s degree prior to receiving your degree certificate and final transcript of records, as long as you meet the general eligibility criteria and the programme-specific eligibility criteria during the application period and your degree will be completed by 31 July 2024. Upload a high-quality scan (PDF-file) of your latest official transcript of records and your own statement.

When applying in the final year of your bachelor’s degree, check the graduation schedules and requirements of your own institution before applying. Please note that it may not be possible to graduate during the summer months or there may be delays in receiving the final documents. Please make sure in advance that you will be able to complete your degree and deliver the final educational documents by the deadline.

In place of a degree certificate (attachment 1), you will need to provide your own statement concerning your degree, including the following information:

  • List of the course units that are yet to be finished
  • Your expected date of graduation
  • Other relevant information concerning your graduation.

This statement replaces the degree certificate during the application process (attachment 1). Please upload it to the application form and name the statement:

  • lastname firstname statement.pdf

At this point, no stamped statements from your university officials are required. However, please note that all other application documents are required.

In addition to your own statement, you will need to provide the latest transcript of records, listing all the courses you have completed at the time of applying (attachment 2).

Note that official translations of both documents are required, if the abovementioned documents are not in English, Finnish, or Swedish, (attachment 3).