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Applying to Tampere University Master’s Programmes

On this website you will find instructions and important information on how to apply to the Tampere University master’s programmes conducted in English.

Application period

The application period for our master’s programmes conducted in English, with studies starting August 2024:

13 December 2023 – 3 January 2024.

Application period starts at 8.00 (UTC+2) and ends at 15.00 (UTC+2).

Discover Tampere University's master's programmes and carefully read through the detailed admissions instructions before submitting your application.

Applications are submitted in the national electronic application service at, which is the official and up-to-date website with all the information about programmes leading to a degree in Finland.

Admissions step-by-step checklist, information in full detail below.

Admissions step-by-step checklist

  1. Check the general eligibility and programme-specific eligibility criteria of the programme/s you wish to apply to. You are allowed to apply to three programmes at the same time.
  2. Read through the instructions on how to apply and start preparing your application documents as early as possible.
  3. Take a language test if required, please see the language requirements.
  4. When the application period begins, fill in the online application form at and upload all the required attachments to your application. 
    The application period is 13 December 2023 at 8.00 (UTC+2) - 3 January 2024 at 15.00 (UTC+2).
  5. All attachments must be uploaded by 10 January 2024 at 15.00 (UTC+2). Missing documents will result in a rejection of the application. You are not required to send your officially certified documents at this time.
  6. You can apply for a scholarship on the application form.
  7. Wait for the admission results to be announced in the first week of April 2024.
  8. If you are offered a study place, remember to accept it by the given deadline. All accepted applicants will be required to submit officially certified or legalized educational documents by 30 April 2024, with the following exceptions:
    a) those applicants graduating in the spring of 2024
    b) those who have already uploaded educational documents that we are able to electronically verify
    c) those applying with a Finnish higher education degree, that is verifiable on the Finnish national database.
  9. Pay the tuition fee, if required.
  10. Start preparing for your arrival in Finland well in advance.
  11. Register as a student and join the Tampere University community when the studies start in August 2024!

Meet us

Would you like to meet us online? Our staff and students participate in online study fairs and organise information sessions where prospective students can get detailed information about studies, application requirements, scholarships and so on. You are more than welcome to attend these events and chat with us online!

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