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Passivating your study right

Students who received an advance notice in December 2019, informing them that their right to study was due to be set as passive, will receive more information by letter when the process is implemented next time.  

The possible change of status in the right to study only applies to students who accepted their study place at Tampere University before 1 August 2005. The time limit for degree completion applies to students who accepted their study place on or after 1 August 2005.

The status of a student may be set as passive if the following criteria are met:

  • the student has accepted his or her place in a programme leading to a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree before 1 August 2005;
  • the student has not earned any credits towards his or her degree in the past three academic years (this criterion will apply regardless of whether the student has registered as present or absent);
  • non-attendance due to acceptable reasons listed in the Universities Act will not count towards the three-year limit. 

Students’ right to study will be reassessed in April each year before registration opens for the next academic year. Despite the reassessment taking place in April, all credits earned until the ongoing academic year ends will be taken into account. Students will be personally notified of the decision to set their status as passive. In the spring of 2020, we will look into the credits earned in the academic years 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.

Students whose status is set as passive will retain their right to study but they:

  • will be unable to register as present or absent;
  • will be unable to access the University-provided information systems;
  • will be ineligible to join the student union and receive student benefits;
  • may give up their right to study if they so choose;
  • have the option to attend courses at the Open University (please be aware that students at the Open University must pay a fee for the courses they attend);
  • may request the reactivation of their right to study from their faculty at Tampere University at any time when they are able to maintain progress towards their degree.

Students who are notified of the change of their status as passive may appeal against the decision by citing personal circumstances that have prevented them from making progress towards their degree (such as an illness, maternity/paternity/family leave, position of trust, top-level sports, difficult personal circumstances). Students will be required to present supporting evidence of the circumstances.


Advance notice of the passive status

The option to set student status as passive has been available in the fields of technology since 1 August 2015 and was introduced to other fields of study on 1 January 2020. This is why the advance notice of the possible change in student status as of 1 August 2020 was sent in December 2019 to students who have previously fallen outside the scope of the student status provisions and have not earned any credits towards their degree in the academic years 2017/18 or 2018/19 or the 2019 autumn semester.

Please be aware that a passive student status does not mean losing one’s right to study at the University, as you may request the reactivation of your status at any time. No immediate action is required on your part if you receive the advance notice. 

If you are able to start actively working towards your degree, please visit the Student’s guide, browse the valid curriculum or your degree programme and carefully read the transitional provisions. The guidance and counselling staff in your faculty will help you plan your studies, if necessary.


Procedure for requesting the reactivation of the right to study

Individuals whose student status is set as passive should not seek the reactivation of their status until they are able to maintain satisfactory academic progress towards their degree. A passive student status must be reactivated before a student is able to continue his or her studies. Students request the reactivation of their right to study from their faculty at Tampere University.

To continue your studies and register as present, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a written application to your faculty requesting the reactivation of your right to study.
  • As an attachment, provide a feasible study plan that will allow you to complete your degree within a reasonable time. To maintain satisfactory academic progress, you will be expected to earn an average of 30 credits per year towards your degree.
  • Pay the re-registration fee of €35.
Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 24.11.2023