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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Transcript of records

Tampere University and TAMK

Transcript of records

A transcript of records is an official document containing a full record of your academic performance and progress to date. The University will provide you with an English version and/or a Finnish version of your transcript upon request. You can order an official digitally signed transcript of records and a study certificate from Sisu on page My Profile, which you can find from the main menu. If you cannot order a transcript in Sisu (e.g., your user account is not valid), visit the Student Affairs Office or email us at studentservice.tau [at] Please specify whether you need an English-language or a Finnish-language version of your transcript when you send your request.

Certificate of student status

A certificate of student status is a document that confirms that you are a registered student at Tampere University. The certificate indicates the type and duration of your right to study and your current attendance status at the University (attending or non-attending). You can download  a digitally signed certificate of a student status in Sisu on the Study rights tab.You can also collect your certificate of student status from the Student Affairs Office or request one via email.

The Koski service  

The Koski service maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education offers easy access to information about academic records and studies completed in Finland. The system enables you to share information about your academic records, for example, with education providers, municipalities, Finland’s social insurance institution Kela, employment services and employers.   Information about academic records is available in Koski generally from 1995 onwards.  To verify your identity, you must sign in to Koski with your online banking credentials, mobile ID or ID card.

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 7.10.2022