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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Scholarships for fee-paying students admitted in 2020 or earlier

Please note that the information available on this page applies to the scholarships of students who have been admitted as students in 2020 or earlier. Any changes which are implemented in the Tampere University scholarship programme after 2020 do not affect the scholarships of students who have been admitted in 2020 or earlier unless otherwise stated. All information on scholarships for students admitted in 2020 or earlier is available on this page. Scholarship conditions and guidelines for students admitted in 2021 or later are available through this link.


Application period for scholarships awarded during studies takes place on 2 - 21 May 2024

The application period has ended. If you missed it and wish to apply for a tuition fee scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025 (retention of the full tuition fee scholarship without completing 55 credits by 31 July, 50% tuition fee scholarship, the 5th semester tuition fee scholarship, OR the extension of the 5th semester tuition fee scholarship to cover the sixth semester due to delays in your thesis work due to the covid-19 pandemic or a long-term medical condition), please contact the Student Affairs Office at studentservices.tau[at] 

The Tampere University scholarship programme for students admitted in 2020 or earlier consists of the Tampere University global student award for academic excellence and the Tampere University tuition fee scholarship. All Tampere University scholarships are available for fee-paying students. Information on who is a fee-paying student is available under Tuition fees.

Scholarships are awarded at admission and during studies. Those students who have been awarded a scholarship at admission have received the detailed terms and conditions of their scholarship with their letters of acceptance. This page includes information on the conditions and practicalities of scholarships. In addition, information on how to apply for the scholarships awarded during studies will be updated on this page.

Please note that for all scholarships holders who have been admitted as students in 2017 or 2018, the conditions of the TUT and UTA scholarships will stay as they were when they started their studies for as long as they are eligible for scholarships (= until the end of the normative study time for their degree). 

The total duration of all Tampere University scholarships may not be longer than the normative duration of studies for the degree to be completed, with the exception of the tuition fee scholarship awarded for the fifth semester of Master's studies which is available for all fee-paying students pursuing a Master's degree for finalising the Master's thesis. The duration of scholarships is calculated on the basis of semesters enrolled as attending. Also, Tampere University scholarships awarded during studies may only be awarded to students who are within their normative duration of studies during the scholarship period.

The normative duration of studies is three academic years for a Bachelor’s degree and two academic years for a Master’s degree. If the student is admitted to a Bachelor’s programme and earns the study right also to a Master’s degree upon admission, the tuition fee scholarship is granted for the combined normative duration of studies for both degrees (five academic years). Please see Right to study and target times to complete the degree for more detailed information on normative study times.

A student who is found guilty of plagiarism is not eligible for any Tampere University scholarship. If a fee-paying student who is studying on a scholarship is found guilty of plagiarism, they will be issued a warning of losing the scholarship. If the same student is found guilty of plagiarism again, the process for cancelling the student's scholarship will be implemented.

Please find more detailed information on the Tampere University global student award for academic excellence, the Tampere University tuition fee scholarship and the tuition fee scholarship awarded for the fifth semester of Master's studies in the sections below.

If you have any questions on tuition fees or scholarships, please contact the Tampere University Student Affairs Office at studentservices.tau [at]

Published: 10.3.2021
Updated: 28.5.2024