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Metals technology

The metals technology research group includes five doctoral students and varying number of master students. Our research topics include processing and physical metallurgy of novel metallic materials, and how to optimize their properties for demanding applications.

Research focus and goals

The main aim is to improve the properties like mechanical, high temperature properties, wear, formability, corrosion, etc. of metals and alloys. Among others, the metals and alloys include modern multiphase (DP, CP, TRIP-aided, Q&P, PHS) steels for automotive industry, light alloys (Al. Mg), copper, nickel, cast irons, high entropy alloys, etc.

We concentrate on the relation between the microstructure, manufacturing process and engineering properties. Selection, properties and performance of todays metals for demanding industrial applications are also of our interests. The goal is to perform research on advanced alloys (HEA, Q&P, etc.) and on the other hand, to transfer research results to industrial processes and applications.