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Shared/Co-owned videos

Tampere University and TAMK

How to order and use shared folder

Staff may order shared folder for common videos when they need to co-share and co-manage videos or stream events. Shared folder may be used for instruction videos, seminar streaming and recording, and sharing videos produced in projects.

You can upload finished videos into the shared folder or you can create videos using the Panopto software and a mobile app, much like you would into your own My Folder. You should select the shared folder as the saving location instead of ‘My folder.’ You can prepare event streaming in the folder in advance and share links to the stream to viewers. You can create subfolders in the shared folder and share videos in the folders to members of the Tampere higher education community or to outsiders using a public link.

How to order shared folder for co-owned videos

First, check that you have Panopto user profile by signing in to Panopto with your TUNI account:  

You can order a joint use folder from self-service portal:→ Shared/Co-owned Panopto folder

The orderer becomes the administrator of the folder, whose job it is to specify other users and owners for the folder.

Use of shared folder and sub folders

You can find shared folders by opening the Panopto browser interface at and selecting ‘Browse’ and ‘My Folders’.

Shared folders’ edit rights

You can assign creator rights to a shared folder to another member of the Tampere higher education community.

  • Open the co-owned folder and click on the Share button.
  • Search for users or an existing Panopto user group and switch their access right level to Can Create.

All persons with Can create rights have the same access rights to the folder and its videos. Closing of the TUNI account does not remove or affect otherwise person's videos. If video folder's managers are changed, previous manager should give Can create rights to the new folder manager. IT Helpdesk can also help with access right changes. 

 Creating a subfolder in a shared folder

You can create subfolders in shared folders and you can specify different viewing rights to them, if necessary.

  • You can also create a folder by navigating to the shared folder view and clicking the Add Folder button.
  • Enter a name and description for your folder.

PLEASE NOTE! You should fill out the name and description fields carefully, because this information is used for searching for videos.

Making a new video on the computer and sharing it to Shared Folder in Panopto

Getting started with Panopto video recording software:

First, you need video publishing rights for Panopto (content creator role).

  1. Join the TUNI Moodle course area: (Panopto info).
  2. Click on the Sisällöntuottaja-rooli Panoptoon (content creator role for Panopto) link at the beginning of the Moodle course, after which the Panopto app will open.
    You can also access it later by visiting the following address directly after you have first been assigned the content creator role:

Selecting and checking settings:

  1. Check/determine the saving preferences in the Panopto software:
    • Destination folder in the Panopto service: Shared folder or its sub folder
    • Name of video: specify a name for your video.
    • Set camera image and audio sources.
    • Quality settings: choose "High" for camera image (if you are using a camera), choose a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for screen capture, choose 15 fps as the frame rate and 1,500 kbit/s as the video bit rate.
  2. Image source/sources for Secondary videos: 
    • Capture PowerPoint: when using PowerPoint with this selection, Panopto saves your slides as images and creates an automatic table of contents from the titles of the slides and indexes the text on the slides for text searches.
    • Capture Main Screen: if you are presenting other material in addition to PPT slides, Panopto captures your screen. This feature can also be used with two displays, when using the Duplicate screen mode (recommended).
    • Capture Second Screen (if using two screens and Extended desktop selected as display mode): use with caution, if you want to use the Extended desktop mode on two displays. You cannot change the mode during the recording without interrupting the recording.

Recording using the Panopto software:

  1. Start recording by clicking the Record button.
  2. Pause recording for a short while by clicking the Pause button, if necessary.
    Please note that pausing the recording will not stop the recording altogether, it only marks a time on the recording that will not be shown to the viewers.
    You can retrieve any paused sections using the Panopto editor. If you are planning on taking a longer break, stop the recording.
  3. To do this, click the Stop button and wait for the Panopto software to upload the entire recording to the Panopto server.
    Once the recording is being processed on the server, you may close the software and your computer, which will ensure that the recording is transferred safely to the Panopto service.

Recording using web browser (Panopto Capture)

You can easily record audio, video, and screens or applications without special recorder software by using your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge). Panopto calls this functionality Panopto Capture:

  1. Go to the Panopto video folder where you want to add new video.
  2. Click Create button and select Panopto Capture.
  3. Select microphone, camera and screen/application sources.
  4. Start recording by clicking the red circle button.

More information and detailed instructions: How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture

Uploading existing video file to the Panopto shared folder

Uploading a finished recording to the shared folder

  1. Open the shared folder or subfolder that you wish to upload your video to.
    You can upload the most common video and audio file types to Panopto, incl. mp4, mov, h.264, avi and mp3.
  2. Click on the Create button and select Upload media.
  3. Click on the Upload button or drag the videos and audio files you want to upload to the upload area.
  4. The recording is automatically granted the same access rights as the folder.

Sharing videos and folders (viewing)

You can share a video or folder and any videos within to members of the Tampere higher education community or to outsiders using a public link. By default, videos and subfolders use the same sharing preferences as parent folders, but you may change these settings, if necessary.

Click on the Share button on the video or in the folder and select the preferred sharing setting (3 options).

Option 1: Sharing videos and folders to individual people or groups:

You may assign university community members or groups created in Panopto viewing rights to individual videos or pieces of content in the folder.

  • Search for people and/or groups by typing a search term in the Invite people field.
  • You may send an e-mail concerning the shared viewing right by ticking the Notify people via email box.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes.

Option 2: Sharing videos and folders within the Tampere higher education community:

You can share a video or folder and any videos within to all the members of the Tampere higher education community using a link. Members must sign in using their TUNI user account before they can access videos shared to the Tampere higher education community. 


  • By sharing a video or folder using the Anyone at your organization with the link option, the video cannot be located with the search tool, but only by using the direct link.
  • Share your video using the Anyone at your organization option, if you want the video to be found with the search tool or to members suggested by the service.

Option 3: Sharing videos and folders using a public link:

Select the Anyone with the link option, if you want to share your video or folder and its video content publicly without the need for TUNI sign-in.

PLEASE NOTE! This means that anyone with the link is able to view the content.

Published: 11.11.2019
Updated: 11.12.2023