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Creating a video assignment for students

Tampere University and TAMK

Panopto assignment folders

As a teacher or instructor, you may add assignment folders to your course video folder. Students may use these folders to upload videos they have made or recorded. By default, videos uploaded by students are visible to the uploader and the teacher only, but as teacher, you can also publish the videos for other students to see. You can use the assignment folders for

  • Assignments, where students submit their work in video form
  • Self- and peer-assessment of presentations
  • Making presentation videos for project work 
  • Uploading student presentation videos


Adding the assignment folder

1. Add the Panopto course video folder to your own Moodle course area (you will also be assigned the creator role in the Panopto service):

  • Turn the edit mode on in the Moodle course area.
  • Click on the Add block link in the top of the right column.
  • Select Panopto.
    • Click on the Provision Course link on the Panopto block that has appeared in the right column.
      This creates a course video folder and access rights groups in Panopto.
    • The video links in the Panopto block only work with TUNI IDs. If you have students in your course without TUNI IDs (students with HAKA login from other universities or students using separate Moodle IDs), you must add the Panopto LTI link activity to your Moodle course area in addition to the Panopto block:
    • Click on the Add an activity or resource link in the section of your choice. 
    • Select Panopto LTI link.
    • Only complete the Activity name field (link text) in the form and save.
    • Check by clicking the link that you are able to access the course video folder via the link.

2. Move on to a new course video folder

  • The easiest way to access it is via the Course settings link in the Panopto block. You can close the course video folder settings window immediately; the default settings are OK.
    If, in the future, you end up in the Everything list view in Panopto by following the same link, close the browser tab and click on the Course settings link again.

3. Open the course video folder settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
4. Create an assignment folder by clicking the Create Assignment folder link in the Overview section.
5. Close the settings view. The assignment folder is now displayed as a new subfolder with a name that starts with the name of the course video folder and ends with "[assignments]”.
6. You can rename the assignment folder in Settings, if you wish. 

Assignment folder features and operation

  • Students with Viewer rights to the course video folder may upload video files or save new videos to the assignment folder using the Panopto software.
  • By default, students will only see their own videos in the folder, whereas teachers (creators) can view all videos.
  • Students may edit and remove their own videos as long as the assignment folder is open.
    • As a teacher, you may at any time allow all videos to be displayed to students:
    • Assignment folder settings -> the Settings view -> Allow viewers to see each other's sessions
    • Depending on the purpose of use, you may allow students to view videos submitted by others from the start of the course or only after all of the video assignments have been submitted.
  • If you wish to prevent new videos from being submitted, you may close the assignment folder for students in the course video folder settings:
    • Overview -> Assignment folder -> Close
    • This will transform the assignment folder into a normal folder that only the teacher has viewing rights to.
    • If you wish to allow students to view all videos, you must assign viewing rights to the folder to the viewer group named after the course in the Share menu.
  • With default settings, students will only be able to view their own videos in the assignment folder. If you want students to be able to view each others’ videos and be able to comment on them (peer feedback), you may allow it in the assignment folder settings:
    • Go to the assignment folder and open its settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
    • Select Settings -> Allow viewers to see each other's sessions.
  • Restrictions:
    • The course video folder may only have one active assignment folder at a time.
      If you need a new folder, close the previous folder first and then create a new folder in the assignment folder settings or create an ordinary subfolder and assignment folder for the course video folder in the subfolder settings.
    • You cannot create a subfolder in an open assignment folder.

Using the assignment folder

Instruct students to find and open a video assignment folder in Panopto, for example by linking the assignment folder to the Moodle page with a standard web link and then to upload their own video to the folder using the Upload media option in the Create menu at the top left. Instruct students to name their videos so that you can identify who or what group each video is from.

If students need to link their video to Moodle e.g. to a discussion forum or to their assignment feedback, linking is done by copying the Share link of the video from Panopto and pasting it as a regular web link in Moodle's text editor.



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