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FAQ - Printing and copying

Tampere University and TAMK

Register your card to easily log on to the multifunction devices (MFDs) on our campuses.

How do I register my card?

Place your card on the reader of the MFD and type your username.

How can I cancel an erroneous registration?

Ask the IT Helpdesk to cancel your registration by sending an email to it-helpdesk [at]

What if I am both a student and a staff member?

The principles that apply to staff will apply to persons who are both students and staff members.  Your printing costs will be billed to your faculty and you will not receive a free printing quota.

If I have resource agreement ?

Your printing rights depend on your resource agreement.

If you have an extended resource agreement:

  • You will have a staff-equivalent IT contract that allows you to use mobile printing.
  • If you have been granted the right to use a work computer on your extended resource agreement, you can use print and scan the same way as staff does: Printing and copying, please select SecurePrint from the print queue.

If you have a basic resource agreement:

  • You will have a visitor IT contract. In order to be able to print, you will have to have the O365 basic package granted on the basic resource agreement (i.e. O365 browser versions, incl. Outlook email right). This allows you to use mobile printing.

For more information about resource agreements, please see the intranet page Resource agreement (non-employees).

Do I need a key card to print documents?

You can use a range of cards as your print card. You do not necessarily need any card, as you can also log on with your TUNI username and password.
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Where can I print documents?

You can use the MFDs provided across all our campuses by logging on with your TUNI username and password. MFDs are located, for example, along the hallways and in the library facilities.

How do I release my print jobs?

To release your print jobs, go to an MFD, place your registered card on the reader of the MFD and select your print job from the queue. You can also release your print jobs by logging on with your TUNI username and password.

How can I cancel a print job?

Print jobs will be automatically deleted from the print queue after 72 hours. You can also cancel your print jobs manually by selecting the print job from the MDF menu and pressing cancel.

What are the default printer settings?

The default settings for printing using the MFDs are black and white and double-sided. You can change the settings in the Printer Properties.

How long will my print jobs stay in the print queue?

Your print jobs will remain in the queue for 72 hours.

What if I forget to log out of an MFD?

You will be automatically logged off after one minute of releasing your latest print job.

Where do I find the print queue on my computer?

There is only one queue for print jobs: SecurePrint. If you cannot find this print queue, restart your computer. If you still cannot find the queue, contact the IT Helpdesk.

Can I print from a mobile device or from outside the campus?

Yes, you can: use the mobile print service at

How can I scan documents?

The campus MFDs will automatically send scanned documents to your email address.

What is the maximum file size when scanning to email?

The maximum file size is 36MB. If your file size exceeds this limit, split your document into multiple sections or scan your document directly to a USB drive.

What should I do if an MFD is not working?

Inform the IT Helpdesk by email (it-helpdesk [at] Include the device name (name sticker on top of the device) and a description of the problem in your email. 

The device displays the message Saved as unprinted work, but my print job has disappeared from the print queue?

When an MFD runs out of paper, it will display the error message Saved as unprinted work.  However, your print job will be not saved in the queue and will not be printed after paper has been added. This is a security feature to prevent unfinished print jobs from being printed when the next user logs on after paper has been added.

Wrong paper size

Select Printer Properties under the SecurePrint queue. Check that A4 is selected as the Document size and that the option Same as original size is selected in the Print down-down menu. Change the selection Same as original size to A4.

Problems printing a PDF file

We recommend using PDF-XChange or Adobe Reader to print the PDF file. If necessary, choose "print as image" from the print settings.

If printing doesn't work, how do I get a Word or PowerPoint file as a PDF?

You can download the file as a PDF from Word and Powerpoint through the online Office 365 (File - Save As - Download as PDF).

My print job shows in the print queue but I cannot release it and I receive the following email: Account has insufficient funds. What does this mean?

You are out of print quota. To top up your quota, visit the Ricoh online store at

How can I check my remaining print quota?

Log on to an MFD and select SecurePrint. Your quota will be displayed on top on the list of your print jobs.

A printing error has been resolved but the MDF still displays the error message

If the MDF is out of paper or experiencing a malfunction, a red light will be on at the left bottom corner of the control panel. Click Check status to display the error message. Even though you log off, the error message will continue to be displayed on the top right corner of the MFD menu. You need to restart the MFD to delete the error message.

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 11.11.2021