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Printing policy

Tampere University and TAMK

Printing policy 1 August, 2022

1. Location of and access to multifunction devices (MFDs)

The locations of MFDs that are provided across our campuses are based on the supplier’s recommendations.

  • There is generally an MFD on each floor of the campus buildings.
  • In smaller buildings with fewer users, there will be one MFD placed in the most convenient location. 
  • MFDs are usually placed in the spaces reserved for copiers.
  • MFDs may not obstruct access to emergency exists or narrow exit paths by projecting into the corridor.
  • ICT Services maintain a record of MFDs and their locations.

MFDs are available to all staff and students at Tampere University and TAMK and those with a resource agreement which includes either a staff or visitor IT license agreement.

  • All staff and students who are authorised to access a space where an MFD is located have the right to use the said MFD.
  • MFDs that are only available to staff are located in locked facilities reserved for staff.
  • The MFDs positioned in the lobbies, teaching facilities, libraries and hallways are available to both students and staff.

The positioning of MFDs may be changed based on print volumes.

  • The supplier reports on print volumes at the end of each academic year. The location of MFDs may be reconsidered based on usage. 
  • If there are changes in the facilities and activities on campus, the location of existing MFDs may be reconsidered. 
  • Generally, only the location of existing MFDs on the same campus will be changed, if necessary.

Staff members will not receive a personal printer unless they need one specifically in the performance of their duties. 

  • Customer service points that are open daily and where it is not possible to print documents with an MFD without leaving the space.
  • Changes to this policy must be authorised by ICT Services.

New MFDs will only be acquired in exceptional cases during the contract term (2016-2022).

  • If there are changes in the facilities and activities on campus, the location of existing MFDs may be reconsidered.
  • Changes to this policy must be authorised by ICT Services.


2. Cost of printing and copying

  • The costs of staff printing and copying are monitored and reported to heads of unit.
  • Students print and copy within their personal printing quota.
  • Students can buy their printing quota online.
  • Any unused print quota will be deleted upon graduation. There are no refunds or transfers for unused quota.


3. Print environment and settings

Secure printing and MFD settings

  • All MFDs are equipped with secure print capability.
  • You can release your print jobs at any of the MFDs provided across our campuses.
  • Users must be logged on to use the MFDs.
  • ICT Services manage the default printer settings and related changes. 

4. Steering group of print and copy services

A steering group has been appointed to monitor and govern the development of print and copy services.

  • Representatives of IT staff from Tampere University and TAMK
  • Representatives of the service provider

The steering group:                                                                                   

  • decides on the community-wide Printing Policy
  • confirms the student printing charges
  • monitors the use of print and copy services on an annual basis and, if necessary, initiates changes and development activities

IT Helpdesk
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it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 25.8.2022