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Literary Studies

Tampere University
PhoneTelephone: switchboard +358 (0)3 355 111
LocationFaculty of Social Sciences, 33014 Tampere University
Street address: Pinni B, floor 5, Kanslerinrinne 1

Literary Studies provides an in-depth understanding of Western literature and culture as well as wide-ranging expertise in the analysis and interpretation of texts. Recent developments have extended the field of study beyond the analysis of literary fiction (narrowly understood) to include also the analysis of such genres as comics, video games, children’s picture books, and more. Contemporary society has become thoroughly mediatized and text-based, and literary studies at Tampere University reflects these shifts in twenty-first century culture by incorporating also the analysis of text types that are typical of contemporary culture. Understanding societal developments requires an in-depth theoretical and historical understanding of the formation, transmission, and interpretation of meanings. Literary studies provides tools to critically examine the cultural representations and discourses that make sense of the world around us and that produce our understanding of reality, identity, and power. The Degree Programme is deeply involved in multidisciplinary research of contemporary culture and society.

Teaching and research in literary studies focuses on a wide range of subjects, historical as well as contemporary, in Finnish literature and other Western literatures. In the course of their Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies, students can specialise in various approaches, theories and methods. The Degree Programme in Literary Studies at Tampere University focuses, in particular, on text analysis skills that have a wide range of applications for studying different cultural and social phenomena. Students also have the option to complete the literary studies module that is required for the qualification of Finnish language subject teacher. Literary Studies also manages Kriittisiä tutkielmia (Critical studies, only in Finnish), the publication series for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students. The Degree Programme also hosts several research projects and is the home of Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies at Tampere University.

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